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0000172madVRbugpublic2014-03-04 17:512014-03-10 23:34
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x64windows 77601
lavfilter 60.1
lavfilter 60.1
none (progressive)
all modes
r9 270
0000172: smoothmotion creates blurring with HFR files
smoothmotion triggers when movie frame rate is higher than display frame rate, this causes a lot of blurring.

the effect is extreme with 30 fps file on a 23p screen.
enable smooth motion, mode doesn't matter.
play a file with higher frame rate than the display is set.
this can cause huge problems on 4k 30 fps displays or with 120+ fps files.
smooth motion shouldn't be trigger when the FPS is way higher than the display refresh rate. i don't know if a true 60 fps file makes problem on a 59p screen.
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2014-03-04 17:57   
Well, I'm not totally sure about this one. The alternative would be dropping frames like crazy. Smooth motion will at least provide a smooth playback experience. Sure, it will blur a lot. But isn't that better than sharp juddering motion? Actually the algorithm to do this is quite complicated. So this is absolutely not an accident, but intentional. Whether it's good is another question. But I don't think this is a bug. Instead it might make sense to discuss this on the doom9 forum first?
2014-03-04 18:09   
yeah why not discussing this first. but it may be better to drop frames at least if the file fps is a multiply of the display refresh rate (no judder)but let's see what other people on doom9 think after seeing/reproducing this problem.
2014-03-10 20:47   
There wasn't really much feedback about this in the forum, so I guess the interest was simply not very high. FWIW, you can setup profiles to auto-disable smooth motion FRC for HFR sources. I think that's the best solution for now. So I'd like to close the bug report.

2014-03-10 22:00   
it's fine to close it.
should i created some bugs with 120 fps file like playback to fast in fullscreen exclusive mode so you can keep them in the tracker? to fix them in later development.

i may create a new 120 fps test clip in 1 month or later, pc controlled and try it again. but yeah it's just no one cares and i can't blame them X-).
2014-03-10 23:34   
If that's a real bug with FSE mode, then sure, create a bug report for that.