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0000177madVRbugpublic2014-03-12 20:222018-01-21 21:37
x64windows 77601
mpc-hc 1.7.3
lavfilter 60.1
lavfilter 60.1
none (progressive)
fullscreen exclusive mode
r9 270
0000177: playback to fast when exclusive fullscreen and SM is used with a 120 fps file on a 60 fps screen.
sample [^]
play a 120 fps file on a 60 fps file in fullscreen exclusive and with active smoothmotion.
i can't reproduce this on my nvidia dual monitor system with a 144 hz screen.

cyberbeing got something like that too: [^]
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has duplicate 0000274closed madshi 3D LUT 23 hz SM speed up issue. 
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2014-04-01 18:22   
I've tried here, but I can't reproduce the problem with 60Hz FSE. How can I reproduce the problem? How do I even know that it's playing too fast?
2014-04-02 06:05   
(edited on: 2014-04-02 06:07)
i can make a file with audio but if it runs to fast you will get an black screen or see the last screen for the rest of the playback time after the last frame is rendered.

i just managed to reproduce this on my dual monitor system the file was finished after ~ 20 sec with bilinear chroma resizing so it looks like madvr fse with smoothmotion plays HFR files as fast as possible. so you may need a gpu/cpu that can run 1080p at over ~ 120 fps to reproduce this error.
if it runs to fast all queue drop except present frames in advanced. and i get ~ 100% cpu usage.

i added a log but i think it is way easier to reproduce this.

edit: don't add ~ and a number without a space!

2014-04-02 22:11   
The speedup problem is caused by the GPU not being fast enough to render 120fps + SmoothMotion FRC. If you dial down the algorithms so that the GPU gets fast enough, playback should run at the normal speed. I'll keep this bug open to be fixed at some point in the future, but I consider it very low priority atm.
2018-01-16 17:30   
This also occurs for me with 60p content on 23Hz, sometimes even in Windowed playback. Sometimes I need to switch to FSE to make the problem appear.