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0000202madVRbugpublic2014-04-26 15:442015-03-22 22:00
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mpc-be 13.1.1 4624
lavfilter 61.1
lavfilter 61.1
forced film mode
all modes
r9 270
0000202: instable playback with the new Decimation feature.^
first off all 720p59 6:4 film mode played back at 23p is totally fine. i see problems with 720p59 6:4 with film mode at 1080p59 with SM. frames are repeated like crazy playback is not smooth at all some frames are dropped too. if SM is disabled at 1080p59 some frames are repeated but is looks "ok" with the 3:2 judder.

720p23 at 108023 with SM is working fine too.
start a 720p59 file with 6:4 cadence
force film mode
make sure the refreshrate is 59 hz
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png 8gpuqueue.png (1,445,991) 2015-03-22 20:28
png 8gpuqueue SM always.png (1,849,300) 2015-03-22 20:29
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2015-03-22 12:44   
Can you still reproduce this? I've just tried, but it seems to work fine here.
2015-03-22 17:59   
(edited on: 2015-03-22 18:04)
i still have this problem but not the same way as before. I'm using windows 10 right now and newer driver/software.
with a low CPU queue like 6 i can still reproduce the old orgnial posted issue using a bigger frame buffer is not even a workaround it the default setting. I'm pretty sure this wasn't the case with my old setup on windows 7.

when i play the file like this: cadencetests60(64)[deint=film][fps=23].mkv
decoder and ivtc queue are not filling up...

when i start the file normally using display mode: without the tag and manual try to trigger IVTC (control+shift+alt+t) it enters deinterlacing mode (working as intended i guess) and trigger a huge speedup like this bug for a couple of secs: [^] not a huge deal pressing it again enters decimate mode and works fine with SM the OSD show a lot of repeated frames about 24 a sec. but it stays at 59p that's new to me.

and now without using display modes only using 23p.when i manual try to trigger IVTC (control+shift+alt+t) and enters deinterlacing mode the video is speedup again but this time for a longer time easily 60 sec of the video are speedup and take about 10-25 sec and when i trigger IVTC now playback works fine unlike using tags like these: cadencetests60(64)[deint=film][fps=23].mkv

so something is wrong not sure how i should split this in proper bug reports.

i have to investigate this again even through i double/triple checked all issue i posted in this note but there are so many combination of settings...

2015-03-22 19:31   
There is too much "when I do this then that happens" in one post, with multiple different problems. I don't know where to start here. I tried "[deint=film][fps=23].mkv" and it works fine on my PC. Maybe your queues are too small? Smooth motion FRC needs larger queues, and 6:4 decimation needs larger queues, too. So don't be shy, set the queues up really big. Still any issues then? If so, it would make sense to create one bug report for every issue you find. But every such issue needs to be reproducable. I can't do much if I can't reproduce the issues. Maybe some issues could also be specific to a certain video file, I don't know...

There are already several bug reports related to 6:4 decimation. So please double check that any issues you're reporting aren't already covered by the other reports. Thanks!
2015-03-22 20:28   
the [deint=film][fps=23] issue is quiet complicated it can even happen at 128 CPU and 14 GPU. 36 frames per sec are dropped. the higher the GPU queue the more unlikely it is that this issue appears. at 12 GPU queue it is about 66% chance for it be not smooth at all.
the problem is without SM.

i'm going to add 2 screenshoot. the first shows the issue with low queue the second is with SM always which works.
2015-03-22 21:47   
But the original bug report talks about SM on! Now you're saying the bug report only occurs with SM off?
2015-03-22 21:57   
is the opposite of the original bug report from 10 month ago but i still wanted to answer your question about the [deint=film][fps=23] tag issue.

i can't reproduce the 60->24 + SM at 60 hz issue with proper queue anymore. this can be closed.
2015-03-22 22:00   
Ok, I'll close this one. If you have a new issue, please create a new bug report, thanks.