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0000228madVRbugpublic2014-07-21 14:402018-01-22 19:09
PCWin 7 SP132-bit
MPC-HC 1.7.5
LAV (intregrated)
LAV (intregrated)
forced film mode
all modes
Radeon HD 7790
0000228: deintFps is not 24 for 720p60 decimated 6:4 cadence content (forced film)
On 720p60 content where film mode is forced and MadVR detects a 6:4 cadence for decimation the deintFps value is 60 instead of 24. With 1080i60 content in film mode where a 3:2 telecine pattern is detected deintFps is 24. IMHO, the two should be consistent and both be 24 for the purpose of using profiles.
Play 720p60 content with 6:4 cadence and force film mode.
Creating ticket per your request on the doom9 forum. [^]
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2015-03-22 15:16   
This is a somewhat difficult problem. Cadence detection can sometimes be unstable. It can happen that with some video tracks 6:4 is detected, then a cadence break is detected, then 6:4 is detected again, and so on. If madVR would modify the display mode, and the profiles etc everytime that happens, that could lead to desaster. So I'll need to think of a clever way to solve this. Maybe I should change the internal movie framerate estimate from 60fps <-> 24fps only if the detected cadence doesn't change for more than 5 seconds or so.

Because this is not so easy to solve, it will probably take a while until I find the time to implement a proper solution.
2018-01-22 19:09   
I've decided to simply force 24fps for 60p files if you activate forced film mode. After all, you wouldn't activate forced film mode for true 60fps files, would you? So using 24fps should be just fine.

The only problem I can see is that if the file is actually 30fps doubled to 60fps, then we will run into trouble, but I think such files are probably incredibly rare, while telecined 60fps files should be pretty common.