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Zoom Player 9.3
LAV 0.62.0
LAV 0.62.0
auto mode
fullscreen exclusive mode
0000231: Context Menu in Zoom Player
This is an old one that you were going to put on your to-do list ( [^] - your response to romulous), but I stumbled across the still open report in the Zoom Player bug tracker today and thought I better log it as it is still an issue.

Basically, the Zoom Player context menu won't disappear in some circumstances when using madVR. See reproduction steps below. bLight looked at it, and said "MadVR is doing something weird, it's taking focus from the menu, but the context menu never receives a windows message saying it lost focus."
To produce:
1. Use madVR as the renderer.
2. Ensure the 'Enable Automatic Fullscreen Exclusive Mode' option in madVR is enabled.
3. Open Zoom, open a video.
4. Fullscreen Zoom (this must be on the same monitor as the Zoom Player window, if you have two monitors, don't enter fullscreen mode on the second one). Wait until madVR displays the 'exclusive' on the OSD, to indicate it is in exclusive mode.
5. Right click the Zoom window.
6. When the context menu displays, madVR is kicked out of exclusive mode.
7. Immediately exit out of fullscreen, back to windowed mode in Zoom.
8. The context menu is still displaying, and won't disappear until you close Zoom, even if you right click again,
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Can't reproduce this problem with v0.87.14 and ZP v10 here on Windows 8.1. Does the problem still occur for you?
2015-03-15 02:48   
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Hm, I just tried to reproduce this (madVR 0.87.10 and Zoom 10.0 on Windows 7, Install Center has not updated to a later madVR version as yet), and I am able to get to step 7 with no problem, but when I then try to go back to windowed mode, I cannot do it without Zoom killing the context menu. For example, when the context menu shows, I hit ESC to go back to windowed mode, and the keypress closes the context menu. If I use the fullscreen hotkey (Alt+Enter) instead, the same thing happens - the first press of the Alt key closes the context menu.

I guess this means that the problem is no longer an issue - happy for it to be closed.