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0000234madVRbugpublic2014-09-09 12:382015-10-09 16:19
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DesktopWindows 7 Ultimate x64
MPC-HC (ddd4d67)
Lav Filter
Lav Filter
Palit Jetstream GTX 760
0000234: MadVR Report always says "Creating direct3d device failed 8876086c"
Error occurs when I try to open any kind of file using MPC-HC with MadVR, Lav filters and xyfilter.
Open MPC-HC -> Select any file and open -> error occurs
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png e1.png (51,502) 2014-09-09 12:38

jpg MadVR _Creating Direct3D device failed (887686c).jpg (55,576) 2015-04-21 22:51

jpg MadVR _Settings PMS Crystalio II Pixel Magic.jpg (102,757) 2015-04-21 22:51
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2014-09-09 12:42   
I can hear the video file for several seconds then it stops and I can click anywhere in the player.
2015-03-14 16:22   
Could this have to do with DXVA something? Try using software decoding and to disable DXVA scaling and deinterlacing. Does the problem go away then?
2015-04-21 22:40   
Hi i had the same problem.
I have the following setup:
PC: Lenovo T430 (4Gb Ram NVIDIA NVS5400M)
OS: Windows 7 SP1 English
Player: MPC-HD 64 bit (32 bit also)
MADVR: 0.87.21
Scaler: Crystalio VPS3800
Projector: JVC HD1

The display Port of the T430 is connected to the Crystalio VPS3800 and the Crystalio to the JVC HD1.

It happens only if i connect my Lenovo T430 to the JVC HD1 through the Crystalio VPS3800.
If lunch the player without connecting the projector it works...

But the final goal is to use the Argyll CMS Calibration with my JVC...and in this moment it does not works..
2015-04-21 23:09   
@paolo, it's probably better discussing this in the doom9 forum thread. Your problem may or may not be a madVR bug. It could be something else. In the doom9 forum there are many experienced users who can try to find out whether it's a settings problem, or GPU driver problem or something else... [^]
2015-04-21 23:28   
I read the doom9 forum since 2005..but since i've registered only a few minutes ago i should wait 5 days before i can post.
I agree with could be not a MadVR related problem..
It's strange because until i have made a new fresh install my LapTop works perfectly..Two days ago i started with a fresh install and now i have no more succeded..
2015-04-21 23:29   
Could be the GPU driver version. Try a different/older version. But as I said, troubleshooting things like this works better in the forum. The bug tracker here is intended for crystal clear madVR bugs.