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0000239madVRbugpublic2014-10-25 01:422015-03-22 22:20
x86Windows 7SP1 x64 / x86
MPC-HC 1.7.7 x86
LAV 0.63 (internal)
LAV 0.63 (internal)
forced film mode
fullscreen exclusive mode
Radeon HD7790
0000239: MPEG-2 720p60 forced film (6:4 cadence) content goes into reduced framerate playback at some edit points
Edited (to removed commercials) US broadcast/OTA MPEG-2 content that plays back fine as p60 will go into a sort of reduced frame rate playback mode after some edits/cuts when forced film mode is used. It correctly detects the content as a 6:4 cadence. Cycling out of film mode and back into film mode fixes the issue. Also, if you seek in the file the issue may not occur (or not occur at the same point).
Play back the test clip with MPC-HC using MadVR and force film mode (with CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+T). Play it back from the beginning and don't seek. At 1:00 you'll see the issue. At 1:15 where the next edit point is it clears on it's own. The issue happens again at 1:45.

test clip: [^]
This happens on both x86 and x64 Windows SP1 with both Intel HD graphics (Haswell) and AMD (didn't test Nvidia). No cadence break is detected at the point where the problem occurs. This behavior happens at least once while watching any hour long (41-44 minutes after editing) show that's 720p60. To create this short test clip 45 seconds of video out of every 60 seconds was deleted for the first 8 minutes of the program. I'm not entirely sure why it stops playing at 1:30
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duplicate of 0000213closed madshi Random 'slow motion' with 59 ivtc with 6:4 cadence 
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2014-10-25 01:49   
I think this is the same bug as 213. I didn't realize it was already reported previously.

Also, in additional information I said it stops playing at 1:30. It does not if software decoding is used. That was a mistake.
2015-03-22 22:20   
Yes, I also think it's a duplicate of 0000213.