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0000245eac3tobugpublic2014-12-05 19:572014-12-05 19:57
0000245: Ability to create thd+ac3 blu-ray compatible stream from already existing ac3 stream
Currently, creating .thd+ac3 blu-ray compatible audio stream is only done by inputting an thd stream and on the fly encoding (using aften) an ac3 stream to multiplex with.

This feature would allow to use ac3 streams created with dolby media producer (marginally better quality streams in comparison to aften), but it would also allow to use ac3 streams with completely different content that the thd stream.
It should be really easy to add such feature. The command line could remain unchanged e.g eac3to

1. Check whether file input.ac3 exists in the same directory as

2. If not, then use old method: create .thd+ac3 using aften encoded .ac3 stream.

3. if there is input.ac3 then mux and input.ac3 together.

In pseudo code:

if (exists input.ac3)
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