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x86_64Windows8.1 Update 3
mpc-hc (cccp 2014-12-25 beta)
LAVSplitter (cccp 2014-12-25 beta)
LAVVideo (cccp 2014-12-25 beta)
none (progressive)
all modes
GTX 780 Ti
0000256: madVR binaries missing security flags (DllCharacteristics)
tl;dr madVR is missing /NXCOMPAT and /DYNAMICBASE linker flags. Please link with these flags, they've been enabled by default since Visual Studio 2008.

I reported this a while ago in the doom9 thread but nothing ever came of it so I may as well make a ticket for this since I made an account here to report something else.

madVR is missing the NXCOMPAT and DYNAMICBASE flags which should be enabled by default with Visual Studio 2008 and newer. I believe it was said in the doom9 thread that you (madshi) was using vs2005 which can be one reason they're not set by default. Other linkers (binutils with mingw-w64) also do not enable these flags by default.

I believe all the madVR binaries are lacking them although I haven't checked them all. The executable files are missing a reloc section entirely.

My recommendation would be to update to a newer version of visual studio if possible (better buffer security checks among many other things) otherwise please set the linker flags as a temporary measure.
Not really anything to reproduce but for anyone curious you can look at the output of dumpbin /headers to see what I'm talking about.
This can be mitigated against by using the Force ASLR feature in Windows 7 (with kb2639308[1]) and 8/8.1 by adding mpc-hc.exe (or your player of choice) under the application specific IFEO registry entry (also described in [1]) and setting it to 0x100 (force relocation if a reloc section is present).

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As explained in the forum, I don't consider this a bug, and I don't plan to change this in the near future. Maybe after v1.0 is released, but not before. Sorry...