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0000259eac3tobugpublic2015-03-11 20:252015-03-12 19:14
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0000259: eac3to crashes when using r8brain to resample a 96kHz track
eac3to crashes when using r8brain to resample this 5.0ch 96kHz track. Using the default SSRC works fine.
Launch eac3to.exe source.wav dest.wav -r8brain -resampleto48000
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2015-03-11 22:53   
Works for me:

D:\Desktop>eac3to snip.wav dest.wav -r8brain -resampleto48000
WAV, 5.0 channels, 0:00:01, 24 bits, 11520kbps, 96kHz
Reading WAV...
Resampling to 48kHz...
Reducing depth from 64 to 24 bits...
Writing WAV...
Original audio track: no audio data.
The processed audio track has a constant bit depth of 24 bits.
Creating file "dest.wav"...
eac3to processing took 1 second.
2015-03-12 17:06   
Strange..the crash occurs with any WAV file.

The r8brain console version also throws "WAV file "B:\sh.wav" has unsupported tag FFFEh and thus cannot be read". The wav file was decoded by eac3to using ffmpeg (with Nero I get the same error as well).
2015-03-12 18:27   
Well, what can I say. It works here. You could try disabling DEP for eac3to. Maybe r8brain doesn't work with activated DEP. But why does it work on my PC then? I don't have DEP disabled here.

If I can't reproduce the problem on my PC, then there's not much I can do about this.
2015-03-12 19:12   
Disabling DEP works :) I would never have thought of it, maybe I should disable it altogether since it's usually just a nuisance..
2015-03-12 19:14   
Well, must be r8brain's fault then. Nothing I can do about it. Still wonder why it doesn't seem to be a problem on my PC. Anyway, will close this bug report, since it's not eac3to's fault.