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0000376eac3tobugpublic2016-01-02 19:262016-01-02 19:26
0000376: Channels in output wavs mixed up
1. Download [^]

2. Run:
eac3to 1.ac3 "1.wavs" -4259000ms -edit=0:10:00,-8518000ms
eac3to 1.ac3 "2.wavs" -edit=0:10:00,-8518000ms

3. Listen to 1.L.wav @ 01:05 and to 2.C.wav @ 09:50. You'll hear the same.
1.C.wav doesn't contain voices @ 01:05.

(I understand that the combination of options in the 1st command line is probably senseless, I just tried to find a way to cut a piece from the middle of the file)
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