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0000439eac3tobugpublic2016-10-17 12:572016-10-17 12:57
0000439: Name output files based on blu-ray playlist number instead of m2ts number
Currently, when eac3to demuxes a blu-ray playlist via e.g "eac3to 1) -demux" command, the files created are named after the first m2ts file in that playlist.

So if the playlist begins with the 00000.m2ts file, the output file names will begin with 00000, e.g. "00000 - 2 - h264, 1080p24.h264".

If another playlist from the same blu-ray is also demuxed and that playlist also starts with the same m2ts file, 00000.m2ts, then the output files will have the same name and thus been overwritten.

I suggest change this behavior and base the output file name on the actual playlist number (00000.mpls --> 00000, 00001.mpls --> 00001, 00800.mpls --> 00800, etc), instead of the first m2ts file.

Doing so, it will be possible to demux all playlists in a blu-ray without any naming conflicts.
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