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Windows 64-Bit (Surface Pro 3)Windows 101709
PotPlayer (64-Bit) 1.7.5545
LAV Splitter
LAV Video Decoder
auto mode
all modes
Intel HD Graphics Family (Microsoft)
0000536: Black bars + Video aspect ratio changed in screenshots with DXVA upscaling/downscaling enabled
There is an issue with madVR using DXVA scaling, both upscaling and downscaling, and the aspect ratio of the resulting screenshot taken. Black bars are added to the image, where the image dimensions remain constant. The image is distorted to fit the remaining image, but only in screenshots. This issue is reproducible, but I'm not sure of the conditions that result in a particular aspect ratio.

Attached are a series of images in windowed and fullscreen mode, both with dxva enabled and with bilinear modes enabled in image upscaling and labeled as such. I used two videos with differing native aspect ratios to see if it would produce a different result. The 1280x720 video produced the correct aspect ratio fullscreen, but incorrect windowed with dxva enabled. The 720x540 video produced incorrect output windowed and fullscreen with dxva enabled. In both cases, with bilinear selected instead (and as far as I can tell, anything but DXVA in upscaling or downscaling) the image was the correct aspect ratio. I do have custom screenshot scaling (encoded video size) enabled, which has a warning that it does not work with DXVA.

I also was able to produce similar behavior in MPC, but in that case the fullscreen image was the correct aspect ratio with DXVA enabled (windowed was still distorted). I was also able to produce an issue with the 720p video with quickSync enabled, and have included these in subfolders.

If you have any suggestions, or can look into this, I'd appreciate it! I use DXVA because the performance is much better on this machine and it also looks better than others that I can run; I use the smooth motion feature of madVR almost exclusively and it works perfectly with DXVA upscaling enabled. Thanks for your time.

Photos demonstrating the issue uploaded here: [^]
Use dxva scaling in image upscaling or image downscaling.
Take a screenshot in PotPlayer with ctrl+E, in windowed mode and in fullscreen mode.
Seems to depend on the window size, the original aspect ratio, and decoder settings.
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2018-01-18 22:46   
The problem probably goes away if you activate the "use high quality scaling algos" option in the madVR "screenshots" settings tab, doesn't it?
2018-01-18 22:52   
It does not, unfortunately. PotPlayer, MPC, and enabling/disabling quick sync exhibit the same behavior as before.
2018-01-27 13:45   
I've tried, but I can't seem to able to reproduce the problem. Seems to work fine on my PC.

Can you please provide me with a step-by-step guide for how to reproduce the problem exactly, using MPC-HC? Maybe you can even upload your madVR settings (settings.bin in madVR folder or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\madshi\madVR\settings") and a little sample video file, to improve the chances that I'll be able to reproduce the problem on my PC?
2018-09-17 23:16   
Closed due to lack of feedback.