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0000537madVRbugpublic2018-01-22 18:252018-01-22 19:13
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Windows x64Windows 101709
MPC-BE 1.5.2 beta 3316
MPC Matroska Source
LAV Video Decoder
none (progressive)
all modes
RX480 8 GB
0000537: YT VP9 HDR files not displayed as HDR anymore, other files are fine
Up to 0.92.10, files like this one, were played fine as HDR file: [^]

Other HDR files play fine in 0.92.11, as it is reported by madVR OSD line 1 and OSD of my TV, but not this file anymore.
Play the file I muxed.

I use madVR's setting to passthrough the metadata to the display.
By the way, what purpose is this new feature?

* when OS "HDR and Advanced Color" switch is active, FSE mode is disabled
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2018-01-22 18:53   
It works fine on my PC. Can you please add a screenshot of the OSD (Ctrl+J) from your PC? Does the OSD say that the file was detected as being HDR?
2018-01-22 19:06   
Here are screenshots: [^]

No, it isn't detected as HDR.
2018-01-22 19:12   
Sorry, not a bug in madVR, it is in built in Matroska Splitter in MPC-BE.
I used external LAV Splitter, which is fine.

Do you know what is the difference between LAV Splitter Source and LAV Splitter?

By the way, what purpose is this new feature?

* when OS "HDR and Advanced Color" switch is active, FSE mode is disabled

This bug report can be closed, sorry for stealing your time :(
2018-01-22 19:12   
There's a problem with the splitter, it doesn't even report the FPS information! This is clearly a bug in the splitter. If madVR isn't told that it's an HDR file, how could madVR know? So I'm closing this bug report. You need to report this bug to the splitter developer.

You can workaround the issue by adding "hdr=on" to the file name.