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0000546madVRbugpublic2018-03-11 18:182019-04-17 15:39
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all versions I have tested, at least the last 5
LAV - all versions
LAV - al versions
DXVA2 Copyback
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AMD RX 550 and NVIDIA GTX 1050
all recent versions
0000546: black screen, loss of HDMI or PC crash changing from 3D mode back to 4k desktop
When playing a 3D MVC movie in any player, KODI DS, MPC-HC / MPC-BE for instance, it will play perfectly fine, smooth playback even when skipping with no frame drops or skips. However when you stop the movie and the MADVR has to switch back from 1080p MVC 3D MODE it fails, you either get a black screen or on some occasions it can totally freeze you PC.
Play movie, stop movie
There are two workarounds.

1. Put your desktop in 1080p mode first before starting the movie, this way when it comes out of 3D mode it doesnt have to change resolution, this is where MADVR is falling over.

2. Use you media player to refresh rate switch instead, this works very well in KODI DS and MPC versions, however this is no use for NVIDIA card users who need to be able to set custom CRU.
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2018-09-17 23:43   
It seems to work fine for me. Most other users don't seem to have this problem, either, I think? Have you tried different GPU driver versions?
2018-09-18 00:15   
ive had this problem for as long as I can remember through many driver versions but also two completely fresh PC rebuilds - and 3 different AMD cards.

could it be something to do with the way i have MADVR setup, when I use KODI DS refresh rate switching I have no problems at all, this only happens when I deploy MADVR refresh rate switching.

I used to be able to DEVCON reset to get the screen back but no i have to reboot, thats the only thing thats changed with driver versions.

Pretty sure other people have this problem to with AMD cards, thing is, there arent that many people with 3D 4K TV's so i'm not surprised this doesnt come up often on the forum.
2019-04-17 15:39   
Hi, i've been looking at this again, its actually got worse with the latest stable version, i've had to go back to v0.92.14.

3D movies open in a small square top right hand side of screen and not full screen, I also get HDMI loss when closing movie as usual.

If I untick FSE the movie opens and plays fine but I still get HDMI loss on stopping movie.

on V0.92.14 movie opens and plays fine and when I stop the movie it drops back to GUI fine (i'm using KODI DS)

Is there any difference with how MADVR is dealing with FSE between these versions maybe?