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0000555madVRbugpublic2018-05-08 14:382019-03-04 12:35
WindowsWindows 7 x64 Service Pack 17601
MPC-HC 1.7.9
DXVA2 Native
auto mode
all modes
GTX 970
0000555: anoying Osd nag to update LAV filters always on with no way to disable it..
I have to use the old version of LAV audio decoders because the new one makes a sound of lesser audiophile quality.
the anoying Osd nag "Please update Lavfilters to the latest version..." is always on at the begining of every video.
I could not find any way to disable it.
It prevents me from being able to make Public presentations of videos playlists using Madvr because it ruins the experience to have this OSD message at the begining of every video..
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2018-05-08 22:36   
How do newer LAV versions reduce audiophile quality? Isn't this something you should discuss with the LAV developer?

I've been regularly receiving crash reports from older LAV versions. The crash occurs in LAV, but madVR detects the crash and reports it to the user. As a result, it's me getting all the crash notifications and user support requests. These crashes only occurred with older LAV versions and were fixed in newer builds. That's why madVR complains about LAV versions which are known to cause crashes.
2018-05-09 01:21   
Thanks, I understand your reason for making this update LAV message impossible to remove, and you are right I should discuss the diminishing audiophile quality of newer audio LAV filters with LAV devellopers.
It is just in the mean time I was hoping to find a workaround to avoid seeing always "Please update Lavfilters to the latest version..." until the newer LAV version get better audio quality.
2018-05-09 09:00   
Well, you're the only user asking for this, so the question for me is if it's worth spending development time on just adding a new feature for one user. My development time is very limited at the moment, anyway. So I prefer to spend my time on things that are beneficial to as many users as possible.

I'd say if there's a valid technical reason why older LAV versions had better audio quality, and if nevcairiel refuses to fix the issue, for some reason, then I'd be willing to add an undocumented hack for you to disable the madVR warnings message. But otherwise please have patience and let nevcairiel take care of the problem. Of course you should properly report it to him, with as many details and explanations as necessary for him to understand and fix the problem.
2018-05-09 10:18   
(edited on: 2018-05-09 11:28)
Thanks, i will try to pinpoint at wich LAV filter version the audio start lost quality exactly and report the issue to nevcairiel in the hope that it can get fixed.

2018-09-17 23:47   
I'll close this for now. If there's a need to reopen, feel free to do that.
2019-03-03 14:30   
This is still happening with newest version of LAV and newest version of madVR
2019-03-03 14:52   
Is it possible you have multiple LAV installations on your PC? E.g. some media players ship with their own private LAV installation. If madVR complains about the LAV version, it's *probably* a correct warning.
2019-03-04 12:35   
Ah yes that's what happened. The media player was using LAV from another player's installation. I updated the LAV in that directory and now it is actually using the newest version.