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0000574: Auto refresh rate change doesn't switch to 25hz
I have a valid string for auto refresh rate switching:

2160p23, 2160p25, 2160p30, 2160p50, 2160p60

But MadVR never changes to 2160p25hz, only 50hz.
25hz/50hz source such as European IPTV.

You can change between 50 and 25hz channels, the source filter in the OSD shows 25fps frame rate but yet MadVR doesn't switch refresh rate from 50hz.
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png PotPlayerMini64_2018-09-02_23-09-10.png (629,792) 2018-09-03 00:20
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Probably the splitter/decoder report that deinterlacing may eventually be necessary. In that situation madVR switches to 50Hz, just to be safe. You can activate forced film mode, then madVR should switch to 25Hz.
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Somehow changing between filters now in pot player it seems to work. Strange because I had already done this in various other players.

I was trying to get pot player to use lav splitter filter but it still doesn't...yet now the switching works okay.

I think you are right, its related to the splitter filter as it was also detecting my profile for 1080p wrongly before too.

thanks for such a fast reply btw, and all your brilliant work on MadVR.