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0000575madVRbugpublic2018-09-05 16:022018-09-05 16:20
PCWindows 101803
Potplayer 1.7.13963
LAV Splitter 0.72
LAV Video Decoder 0.72
auto mode
all modes
Titan X (Pascal)
0000575: Hissing/static noises from speakers when MadVR is enabled
So I'm having the problem when I start playing a video the speakers would make very slight hissing sound/static noise for about 10 seconds and then it stops. It's very slight but can be heard when the room is quiet. Increasing/decreasing the volume does not make the noise quieter/louder.

I've tried both Potplayer and MPC-BE and the noise issue happens with both. The issue is gone after disabling MadVR. Resetting MadVE's settings to defaults does not fix the issue. No noise issue either when using other players that don't use MadVR.

I also tried switching between LAV audio decoder and the built-in decoder and it doesn't make a difference. Changing the audio renderer between DirectSound/WaveOut/WASAPI made no difference either. It also doesn't matter what the audio format is (AAC, DTS, or TrueHD) and the noise is always there. There's no noise, however, when playing an audio only file.
I'm using a pair of powered stereo speakers connected to an external USB DAC.
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2018-09-05 16:07   
It's probably the GPU running at max power for a couple of seconds. This happens because madVR fills up its internal queues, by rendering multiple video frames ahead as fast as possible. This is done to ensure smooth video playback without frame drops.

You could try using some GPU clock tool to limit the GPU clocks, or something.

Anyway, it's really nothing I can anything about. If the GPU makes noise when under full load, it's out of my control.

Maybe you could try lowering the size of the GPU queue in the madVR settings. That should reduce the number of seconds the GPU is under full stress at the start of a movie.
2018-09-05 16:19   
That was it. I thought it was from the speakers but after listening very carefully it was indeed just GPU coil whine. I'm upgrading my GPU soon so hopefully the new GPU won't have the problem.