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PCWindows8.1, 10
0000584: Cannot activate HDR via DisplayPort
I have a problem with activating HDR via DisplayPort. This is with a LG 34BK95U - 5120x2160 which requires DP 1.4 to get the full width. HDMI (which limits it to 3840 width) works fine.

Basically, it seems that madVR does not recognize that HDR is supported via DP, and thus always does tonemap HDR instead. (And I HAVE checked that HDR can be activated otherwise via DP.)
It only occurs with the above monitor (or probably with the 34WK95U which is identical) and only on the Displayport (1.4). Other than that, just play a HDR file with "passthrough HDR to display" set and "send HDR metadata to the display" checked and note that the HDR indicator does not appear and that the resulting image is from "tonemap HDR ..." instead.

I've included a log.

It may or may not be related, but the "identification" for this monitor is wrong, e.g. it shows NVIDIA for the manufacturer (among other things). (Again, this is only on the DisplayPort 1.4 input to this monitor - the HDMI input is fine and DisplayPort (1.2) inputs on other LG monitors are fine.) And Moninfo shows correct data for this DP 1.4 input.

Even stranger, additional identical identification entries keep getting added, always 2 at a time (but I don't know what triggers it). The data is identical for all, with all but the last grayed out. (I'm currently at 23 entries.)
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Sorry for the extra report. It apparently occurred when I tried to upload a .7z file. 585 is the complete report and this one can be ignored.