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0000589madVRbugpublic2019-01-01 14:482019-01-07 15:19
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Jriver 24.0.68
LAV 0.73.1
LAV Video 0.73.1
auto mode
windowed mode
GTX 1070 MSI
0000589: Elevated black levels when deinterlacing is in use
I suspected it before, but could confirm it now I own an OLED.
Anytime madvr is handling deinterlace black levels are elevated. Not huge, but quite enough to notice on a tv with true blacks.
Play any interlaced video, whatever the framerate.
Disable deinterlace in madvr = true blacks
Enable it back = elevated blacks
Disabling deinterlace in madvr and using any software deinterlace in LAV is a workaround.
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2019-01-01 19:42   
Have you tried forced film mode?

Normal deinterlacing is done by using DXVA, and there the GPU driver does things I can't fully control. There are some settings in the GPU control panel which might influence this, though. You can try if any of those help.

Not much I can do about this, unfortunately, because it's the GPU driver doing things it shouldn't do. Which is why I usually try to avoid DXVA processing at any cost. But currently it's the only way to do "normal" deinterlacing.

Forced film mode runs without any DXVA, so that shouldn't have any black level issues. It only works for telecined movies, though, not for natively interlaced content like sports or music concerts. Also, forced film mode doesn't work with native DXVA decoding or native D3D11 decoding.
2019-01-01 20:17   
I did some more tests, and it seems to behave normally now in both forced film mode and auto mode.
I forced nvidia settings to be not application controlled and forced to neutral value in control panel, maybe that helped.
Besides from one or two dvds with elevated blacks in the black bars everything seems fine now.
2019-01-01 20:35   
So we can close this one?
2019-01-07 15:15   
Yes we can