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0000600madVRbugpublic2019-02-25 15:572019-02-25 15:57
Intel z68/z97/ amd gpuWin 7/10
mpchc last
lav filter 73.1
DXVA2 Copyback
auto mode
all modes
1060, 580, 7970, 7870
Happens regardless of version
0000600: Blackbar detection not working correctly with NGU
For example

If using NGU, the scalar creates a double of 1918 or 1919 width, This causes madvr to do Lanzcos again to reach the destination width of 3840

In normal scalar, black bar detection can be set to ignore scalar if pixel change is small. but I suppose this is not run a second time to disable scalar after NGU.

This eats quite alot of performance depending on the video spec and is certainly undesirable since NGU is already giving us the goods, why put lanczos on top of that just to cut away 1 pixel vertical bar.
For most wide screen video cases, a quick fix would be to disable vertical bar detection, but keep horizontal bar detection. because they're usually small if they exist, and I think most users can live with that to preserve the performance and straight NGU output.

Also, detection could be run again after NGU, that way maybe the Ignore scaling function would work.
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