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0000602madVRbugpublic2019-03-09 05:302019-03-09 05:30
win 10OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro17134
0000602: system lock after using an windows hot key
the system can lock and needs to be power cycled when an hot key is used to move the player.
general settings checked:
delay playback until render queue is full
delay playback start after seeking. too
enable windowed overlay
use d3d11 for presentation
present a frame for every VSync
use seperate device for presentation
use seperate device for DXVA

these settings where taken from the person that report the bug i didn't try other settings system hardlock are not fun to deal with.

i moved the player from a 1080p60 screen to a 1080p120 screen using shift+windows+ΓΌ right arrow key.
the system will hang after doing this.
i got a debug log it's mostly way to long i needed to hard cycle the system to stop it from recording
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