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0000609: I want option "Prefer closest refresh rate" and "Prefer closest resolution" in "Display mode" page of "Device" hive
I (and millions of other people =) have TV with frame interpolation feature connected to my PC. So if my PC outputs 50-60Hz singal to TV, I see no TV's frame interpolation (at least not stable). I need to output exactly original refresh rate to TV to see perfect frame interpolation. As madVR chooses doubled reshresh rate when it avaible I do not use it's mode switcher and use old good tool "Autofrequency" but it is not supported by developer for many years. So checkbox "Prefer closest refresh rate" will let me replace Autofrequency with great madVR.

The same story about "Prefer closest resolution". It will allow to use TV's powerfull object-recognition-based picture magnification.
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2019-06-02 12:04   
madVR does not prefer double refresh rate. It prefers single refresh rate. Maybe you're using files which are not clearly marked as progressive? If madVR is not sure if the files are progressive or interlaced then it chooses a higher refresh rate because that's what deinterlacing would produce.
2019-06-02 12:32   
(edited on: 2019-06-02 12:33)
After I added iterlaced modes to modes string
2160i23, 2160i24, 2160i25, 2160i29, 2160i30, 2160i50, 2160i59, 2160i60, 1080i23, 1080i24, 1080i25, 1080i29, 1080i30, 1080i50, 1080i59, 1080i60
madVR began to choose original refresh rate.

But when modes string was only "2160p23, 2160p24, 2160p25, 2160p29, 2160p30, 2160p50, 2160p59, 2160p60, 1080p23, 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p29, 1080p30, 1080p50, 1080p59, 1080p60" it choosed doubled refresh rate. Is it correct behaviour?


2019-06-02 12:35   
It depends on the video file. If you play an original untouched Blu-Ray disc (1080p24), does madVR then switch 1080p48 or 1080p60?

Can you give an example if a video file where madVR switches to the "wrong" refresh rate? Please also attached a screenshot of the OSD (Ctrl+J).
2019-06-02 20:13   
(edited on: 2019-06-02 20:17) [^]
Autofrequency - chooses 25Hz
MadVR - chooses not to change 2160p 60Hz

Format : WebM
Format version : Version 2
File size : 131 MiB
Duration : 11 min 15 s
Overall bit rate mode : Variable
Overall bit rate : 1 631 kb/s
Writing application : Lavf57.72.101
Writing library : Lavf57.72.101

ID : 1
Format : VP9
Codec ID : V_VP9
Duration : 11 min 15 s
Bit rate : 1 429 kb/s
Width : 1 920 pixels
Height : 1 080 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Frame rate mode : Constant
Frame rate : 25.000 FPS
Color space : YUV
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.028
Stream size : 115 MiB (88%)
Language : English
Default : Yes
Forced : No
Color range : Limited
Color primaries : BT.709
Transfer characteristics : BT.709
Matrix coefficients : BT.709

2019-06-02 20:23   
Screenshot of the Ctrl+J OSD, when playing this file?
2019-06-02 20:33   
(edited on: 2019-06-02 20:35) [^] - madVR
Why composition rate 60Hz?

2019-06-02 21:37   
Hmmmm... The video file looks like it should be progressive, not 100% sure right now, though. Does it change anything if you add "deint=film" to the file name?
2019-06-02 21:46   
(edited on: 2019-06-02 21:48)
Can you try reproduce my problem in your environment? Then you will be able to debug your code.
My display modes string = 2160p23, 2160p24, 2160p25, 2160p29, 2160p30, 2160p50, 2160p59, 2160p60, 1080p23, 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p29, 1080p30, 1080p50, 1080p59, 1080p60, 2160i23, 2160i24, 2160i25, 2160i29, 2160i30, 2160i50, 2160i59, 2160i60, 1080i23, 1080i24, 1080i25, 1080i29, 1080i30, 1080i50, 1080i59, 1080i60

2019-06-02 21:49   
I don't have much time atm. So you'll have to do the testing.

Does it change anything if you add "deint=film" to the file name?
2019-06-02 21:51   
BTW, do these modes actually exist? If you write down 2160p25, but Windows (or the GPU driver) doesn't actually have that mode for your TV, then madVR will try to enable that mode and fail. So please double check that these modes really do exist. For example 2160p50 usually exists, but 2160p25 only sometimes exist, depending on what the TV reports to the GPU.
2019-06-02 22:03   
(edited on: 2019-06-02 22:05)
Yes. They exist. "Autofrequency" makes it always right - [^]
I don't understand how to add "deint=film" to filename. For example filename is "horodo_2kre.mpeg". What will be new filename?

2019-06-02 22:30   

"horodo_2kre deint=film.mpeg"


"horodo_2kre [deint=film].mpeg"
2019-06-02 23:19   
Renaming file has no effect.
2019-06-03 00:10   
Alright. Need a log file then. Like this:

1) Enable OSD (Ctrl+J), keep it enabled while creating the log.
2) Double click "activate debug mode.bat".
3) Start your media player with the settings that you expect to use 25p.
4) Play the video for 2 seconds.
5) Close the media player.
6) Zip up the file "madVR - log.txt" on your desktop and attach it here.
7) Double click "activate release mode.bat".
2019-06-03 06:15   
(edited on: 2019-06-03 06:16)
Where is "activate debug mode.bat" file located?
In madVR directory i have:
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\legal stuff
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\amd_ags_x64.dll
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\amd_ags_x86.dll
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\changelog.txt
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\dbghelp.dll
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\enable nvidia 3d.reg
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\install_nopause.bat
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\license.txt
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\madHcCtrl.exe
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\madHcNet32.dll
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\madHcNet64.dll
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\madLevelsTweaker.exe
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\madTPG.exe
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\mvrSettings32.dll
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\mvrSettings64.dll
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\readme.txt
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\restore default settings.bat
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\uninstall_nopause.bat
D:\Program Files (x86)\SVP 4\madVR\unrar.dll

2019-06-03 08:45   
That's not a full madVR installation. Probably it was shipped with your media player or with SVP 4? It's missing the debug version of the madVR ax files and the "activate debug mode.bat".

You could download the latest official madVR build and just overwrite all files in that folder with the official build.
2019-06-23 18:40   
(edited on: 2019-06-23 18:42)
It looks like was my fault. 1080i modes are only 25 and 30 Hz on my TV and 1080p modes are 23, 24, 29, 50, 59, 60. But for 2160p modes are correct (in modes string). After correcting 1080* modes madVR always switched correctly.

2019-06-23 22:34   
Good to hear, so I'll close this bug report.