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0000610madVRbugpublic2019-06-07 18:442019-06-07 18:44
64Windows7 and 10
MPC-BE v1.5.3
Lav 0.74.1
Lav 0.74.1
auto mode
all modes
AMD + Intel
AMD 7750 and Intel HD3000
0000610: Device profile corruption after resume from sleep
I setup a “profile group” for "display modes". The first profile (50hz) has only “1080p50” on the “list all display modes...” line with "restore original..." checked. The second profile (59hz) has only “1080p59” on the “list all display modes...” line with “restore original...” unchecked.
The “profile auto select rule” looks like:
if (deintFps = 50)
When I put the PC to sleep and then wake it up and login via RDP (with Concurrent RDP Wrapper), the 59hz profile is gone and the 50hz profile has the 59hz profile settings.
I know madVR crashes if I try to make changes to a “device” over RDP but it normally keeps them when setup directly from the attached monitor.
My intent with this rule is to use smooth motion with 25fps video and only switch the display to 50Hz with 50fps video. I know this isn’t technically the best option but I don’t like excessive display switching/flickering and it still looks good to me.
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