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PotPlayer 1.7.20538
Built-In (From RN: Built-in FFmpeg HEVC H/W Decoder)
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Radeon 5700XT
0000622: Amd Radeon 5700XT crashes on playback
I was able to play and scroll through video for a bit, but it eventually crashes the GPU. Then GPU restarts and in 80-85% cases I need to restart PC (I tried this at least several times and only once the video came back and I had to kill the player process). Attaching video stream info.
Not sure how to obtain the crash logs from either video card or madvr.
Also, not sure about decoding settings because I am using built-in decoder (maybe not the best idea), so I made a guess.
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Is that with default madVR settings? How much RAM does the GPU have? Stability issues like this are usually the fault of the GPU driver or it could be a hardware issue.

Sometimes stability issues like this can also happen if the GPU runs out of VRAM. But with 1080p video that seems unlikely, unless you've increased the madVR GPU queue size a lot?
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This is with default madvr settings. GPU has 8GB of RAM. It's possible that it could be a driver issue, and just in case I wrote to AMD support. What can I do to get more information about the issue?
2019-10-02 10:20   
the RX 5700 series has serious driver issue related to video playback and high refreshrate displays.

this is a line out of driver 19.9.2 from the "fixed" part:
"System instability may be experienced on some Radeon RX 5700 series graphics system configurations when watching video content in a web browser."
the system was throwing an blue screen now the driver "only" crashes.
you can check the windows event viewer -> windows logs -> system the event id is 4101 for a driver recovery i recommend sorting by event id.

the AMD forum is full of it.
the RX 5700 series is suppose to run best with only one 60 hz screen and if you have an zen 2 with x570 board some user recommend not using PCIe 4.0 but 3.0 instead and recommend updating to a bios with agesa