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0000628madVRbugpublic2019-12-07 17:552020-01-14 11:02
32/64Windows 1010
LAV starting from 0.71.0
LAV starting from 0.71.0
DXVA2 Native
auto mode
windowed mode
Intel UHD 620
0000628: MadVR and LAV possible Bug
Playing specific files from specific resume pos is not working (black screen).
(i think when pos is short bevor keyframe everything is ok).

LAV starting from 0.71.0 is not working.
newest mpc-hc has integrated LAV 0.70.2 which is working.
EVR Renderer is working with all versions of LAV.
mpc-be player - with prefered external filter (LAV Splitter Source and LAV Video Decoder) [^]
or [^]
(load file with resume pos 01:04)

now we have a black screen.

test with source code:
First we need a Stopped Graph, with the test file Samsung Wonderland Demo.ts
Filter Graph with LAV Source and LAV Decoder and MadVR Renderer.
when we start file playing with resume pos the screens is black.

not working:
REFERENCE_TIME rtResume=640000000;
pMSeek->SetPositions(&rtResume, AM_SEEKING_AbsolutePositioning, NULL, AM_SEEKING_NoPositioning);

not working:
REFERENCE_TIME rtResume=640000000;
pMSeek->SetPositions(&rtResume, AM_SEEKING_AbsolutePositioning, NULL, AM_SEEKING_NoPositioning);

REFERENCE_TIME rtResume=640000000;
//first seek to keyframe
hr = pMSeek->SetPositions(&rtResume, AM_SEEKING_SeekToKeyFrame, NULL, AM_SEEKING_NoPositioning);
//wait until Ready
__int64 endclock = GetTickCount64() + 2000;
OAFilterState pfs;
while (pMC->GetState(10, &pfs) == VFW_S_STATE_INTERMEDIATE || pfs != State_Paused)
   if (GetTickCount64() > endclock)

//now seek to Real Pos
hr = pMSeek->SetPositions(&rtResume, AM_SEEKING_AbsolutePositioning, NULL, AM_SEEKING_NoPositioning);
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2019-12-10 23:15   
So latest LAV doesn't work, but older LAV builds work? I guess it's a 50/50 chance that it's a bug in madVR or in LAV. Have you tried asking nevcairiel about it? If it worked in older LAV builds but not in the latest, that would suggest that some change in LAV caused this issue. But it could of course still be madVR's fault (as well).
2019-12-20 16:07   
answer of nevcairiel:
TS files are not always perfectly seekable, its just the nature of the format - its designed for broadcast and streaming. If you need flawless seeking, remux to MP4 or MKV.

my adoption:
newer LAV with EVR, EVR-CP is working without problems.
maybe LAV Source is reporting wrong size/format on start, then switch to right format, and madVR cannot handel dynamic changes on size/format?

but you are the developer, you can debug.
2019-12-24 14:58   
to make testing easier,
i have uploaded which has mpc-hc.ini for mpc-hc.
you must use new version of mpc-hc from here, [^]
because new version uses new LAV.

and you must place "Samsung Wonderland Demo.ts" in mpc-hc folder, then you can start file from fav menu.
thanks, onur
2019-12-25 15:25   
Thanks. Are you clsid?

I'll look into this when I find some time, but atm I'm extremely busy working on the Envy, so it could take a while... ;-(
2020-01-14 00:56   
?clsid dont know what you mean?
its ok, look at it, when you have time.

i have another question.
Is it possible that AMT/ATI Vega Graphics can output BT2020 (Windows 10).
My Display dont reports BT2020.
i have BT2020 only if i activate HDR in Windows Settings, but then its fake BT2020 (i think) (wrong nit and..).
thanks for your work, regards, onur
2020-01-14 11:02   
It's a bug in the AMD driver that it doesn't report BT.2020 to the display when madVR switches the AMD into HDR mode. You can ask AMD support to fix it.