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0000642madVRbugpublic2020-04-29 01:022020-04-29 16:27
Jriver MC26Windows10
Jriver Media Center 26
HDFury Integral 2
auto mode
all modes
RTX 2060
0000642: FPS issue
Hi, I'm Italian, sorry for my bad english.
I've an htpc with Nvidia RTX 2060 gpu and I use Jriver MP26 with last Madvr release (113) for 2160 upscaling, and hdr to sdr tone mapping for my Sony vpl-vw870es projector.
I've a lot of blu ray discs ripped of concerts and movies. But I can't play well 3 concerts because the source frame rate is 29.970, but Madvr set display mode on 23.980 fps.
I try everything! I create a Profile Group with two display modes, with this rule: if (srcFps > 25) "Profile 1" else "Profile 2"; profile 1 is with display modes 2160p50, 59 and 60, profile 2 is with 2160p23, 24, 25 and 30.
But it doesn't work! Madvr set always that 3 concerts on 23.980 fps, with a lot of dropped frames and stuttering.
The only way to play at the right frame rate is erasing low frame rates in display modes, but then I can't see well all my 23.976 fps videos!
Maybe the issue depends from soft telecine or uncorrect fps data from the ripped files.
Can you help me? There's a way to force Madvr to set 29.970 (or 59...) fps for that videos?
Many thanks in advance.
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I created a directory named frameRate=29p deint=Off and I dragged the 3 videos inside. Now they work perfectly!
2020-04-29 16:27   
A frame rate of 29.970 usually means it's interlaced content which after deinterlacing either turns into 23.976 or into 59.940, depending on which type of content it is. madVR can apply IVTC to turn telecined film content into 23.976, or madVR can apply DXVA deinterlacing to turn natively interlaced content into 59.940p content. But because it's not clear which type of content we're talking about, it's hard for madVR to make the right decision about which frame rate to switch to.

But seems you already found the "solution" which is to use file name tags to tell madVR what to do.