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0000644madVRbugpublic2020-05-26 10:572020-07-22 14:15
PCWindows7 x64 SP1
madVR v0.92.17
none (progressive)
all modes
GTX 1070
0000644: Profiling has not been finished
When profiling finished with madTPG in DisplayCAL a dialog with "Profiling has not been finished" and halts the process. It happens walway with 115 patches, and most of the time with 79 patches, taking hours to hit a succesful calibration process.
Calibrate and profile with madTPG in DisplayCAL. Tested with a Spyder 3 and an i1 DisplayPro Plus
Not real solutions, all I could find on DisplayCAL forum: [^] [^]
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2020-05-27 18:49   
IIRC, the DisplayCAL dev made some improvements to help with issues like this, but it seems you're already using the latest DisplayCAL build, so I'm not sure what it could be. Are you using WLAN or wired LAN? Try wired LAN, maybe?

Might make sense to ask once more on the DisplayCAL forums? After all, the threads you linked to are both from 2018, which is quite some time ago.
2020-05-28 12:36   
Now that you say that I am going to try with the firewall disabled. Not that I'm positive with that since I could get some calibrations with 79 patches. Florian is very intermittent and all I could read from him was to run as admin or reinstall madVR, which I already did -as admin- (it's a trivial thing).
2020-06-19 10:49   
I tested with firewall disabled and had the same issue. And again only profiling with 79 patches finished successfully. Would like to run longer tests for more accuracy.
2020-06-19 16:04   
Are you using the official madVR build? If so, maybe you can try this one, as a test (just overwrite the files)? [^]

I'm not sure if that will change anything, though, but might be worth trying, due to lack of better ideas right now. If DisplayCAL has a "madHcNet32/64.dll" in its directories somewhere, also please replace that with the latest build from the zip above.
2020-07-16 12:30   
I tested yesterday and overwrote the folder, curious not to see madTPG there.

It failed again at 175 patches. I think it might have to do with network settings, I had issues connecting to my laptop in the past as a local network. But I just don't know what's required for madVR to communicate, open ports, remote access, and so on... Also I use tinywall firewall, in case that's a known issue.

On another note, I observed an issue on the calibration targets, they (or maybe only the blue one) is off compared to DisplayCAL Rec.709 targets so I can't use the same monitor hardware settings for both madVR and Windows. I will open a ticket if there's none open already.
2020-07-16 16:15   
I was using a correction file so forget about the color targets thing.
2020-07-20 16:25   
Ok, have been trying to calibrate my monitor for the last two days without success after about 10 attempts (testing different things).
I'm a little bit fed up so I went and created a madVR LUT out of my previous monitor calibration (large patch count). Is this ok or does madVR targets have something different than default?
2020-07-22 00:17   
Sorry for the lack of replies. I'm currently extremely busy. Some weeks from now I might look into the whole topic of calibration once more. Right now, there's not too much I can say. Whether or not you can convert your previous monitor calibration into a madVR LUT with DisplayCAL is not something I know. Might make more sense to ask that question in the DisplayCAL forum.
2020-07-22 14:15   
No prob. I asked already there. Will report back if doing so is an option (as a workaround at least).