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0000648madVRbugpublic2020-07-14 01:542020-07-14 01:54
Windows 102004 (19041.329)
MPC-BE x64
LAV 0.74.1
LAV 0.74.1
DXVA2 Native
none (progressive)
windowed mode
RTX 2080 Ti
0000648: display modes - freeze & crash when media player goes fullscreen
I've configured "switch to matching display mode ... when media player goes fullscreen" and "restore original display mode ... when media player leaves fullscreen". I use fullscreen windowed mode and not exclusive mode.

When switching to fullscreen, the refresh rate changes as expected, but most of the time the video freezes while audio continues to play. If I leave the video frozen, eventually the audio will slow down and stutter.

I can leave fullscreen mode, but the refresh rate doesn't change back. If I terminate the media player, sometimes the refresh rate changes back.

The problem does not occur if I configure "switch to matching display mode ... when playback starts".

The problem does not usually occur when using the MPC-BE's built-in fullscreen resolution change. This also freezes once in a while, but usually only when leaving fullscreen mode.
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