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0000082madVRbugpublic2013-06-08 13:272014-04-01 19:32
x64Windows 76.1.7601
MPC-HC (9eb64ec)
LAV Splitter 0.57
LAV Video 0.57
none (progressive)
all modes
Radeon HD 6970M
2D Driver, Direct3D, OpenGL
0000082: Dropped frames at the beginning of playback and/or after seeking with Smooth Motion on
When playing a file with Smooth Motion activated, madVR will occasionally drop some frames at the beginning of playback (especially noticeable when repeating the playback of a file) or when seeking to somewhere in the file. I think it happens outside of FSE mode as well, but I'm not sure about this.
It doesn't happen always and also doesn't seem to be specific to a group of files. It may happen with one file now and then the next day, opening the same file may be fine, so it seems to be rather random. I attached a Debug Log where it happened only after seeking once (I think I did the seeking at around the three-second mark of the video).
My flush settings are the default flush / flush & wait (sleep) / don't flush / don't flush for both windowed and FSE mode.
I have madVR set to delay playback start until the render queue is full, both for normal playback and after seeking, and I use a separate device for presentation.
I found that the amount of dropped frames seems to depend on the GPU queue size: at my default value of 24, I got 22 dropped frames most of the time, sometimes also 21 or 23, while at the size of 16 (I only tested this briefly), I got 16 dropped frames on the first occurrence.
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2013-06-15 21:11   
Yes, this is definitely an issue, have seen this myself. This will be on my short list of things to do. It will not make it into the very next build, though.