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0000118madVRbugpublic2013-07-24 15:312014-04-03 14:48
Assigned Tomadshi 
PlatformOSWindows 7 64bitOS Version
Summary0000118: madVR Triggers Resizing Event
DescriptionThis is an old issue that Blight has raised with you in the past - but you were unable to find the cause apparently. Going on two years, it is still happening though and it is extremely annoying, so I thought I'd log it just in case you could find out what is going wrong. Basically, madVR triggers a resizing event to Zoom Player under some circumstances when the Zoom Player OSD displays. Zoom dutifully obeys, and resizes the video window. The OSD displaying in Zoom should not cause the video window to resize.
Steps To Reproduce1. Download this test clip (downloaded from YouTube): [^]
2. I was using the latest Beta of Zoom Player (8.70 Beta 12) but I originally reported it with v8.0, so the version should not matter too much. Using madVR v0.86.10 currently, but I originally reported it back in November 2011, so it goes back at least that far with regards to madVR versions.
3. Open Zoom, go into the options and enable "Enable Pop-Up OSD" in Advanced Options-->Interface-->On Screen Display-->Actions. While in the options, go to Interface-->Position and Size and enable "Auto-Size User Interface to maintain Video Aspect Ratio (when resizing)" and "Auto-Size User Interface to fit Source Video Resolution (on load)". Not sure if either have an effect on the issue, but I always have them enabled, so enable them just in case.
4. Open the video in Zoom. Filter chain is thus: LAV Video as video decoder, LAV Audio as audio decoder, LAV Splitter as the splitter (currently using v0.58.1) and madVR as the video renderer.
5. When video begins playback, ensure you are in F4 mode (this is the default, it basically means the full Zoom window is showing, skin and all). Now, hit F7. This removes everything except the video part of the window. You should also note that the video has resized itself. Now, either +/- to change the volume. The Zoom OSD will appear, and the video will again resize.
6. With the above, I had the madVR OSD enabled all the while, and it reported this:
i. Upon opening Zoom: Target rectangle of 0,0,1280,720
ii. Hitting F7: Target Rectangle of 0,60,1298,790 (clip is now letter-boxed as well, with black bars on bottom and top)
iii. Triggering Zoom's OSD: Target Rectangle is 0,0,1513,851
Additional InformationProblem only happens when madVR is used as the video renderer.
TagsNo tags attached.
madVR Version0.86.10
Media Player (with version info)Zoom Player MAX 8.70 Beta 12
Splitter (with version info)LAV v0.58.1
Decoder (with version info)LAV v0.58.1
Deinterlacingauto mode
DXVA2 Scaling Activeno
Aero / Desktop CompositionOn
Problem occurs with modewindowed mode
GPU ManufacturerNVidia
GPU ModelGTX-660Ti
GPU Driver Version326.19
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romulous (reporter)
2014-03-26 12:50

New download link for test file: [^]
madshi (administrator)
2014-04-01 19:31

I'm getting exactly the same behaviour with "VMR9 windowed" in ZP. Can you confirm? That would proof that it's not madVR's fault.

My log tells me that in the moment when ZP shows its OSD, the madVR rendering window gets a WM_SIZE event, meaning that somebody changed the size of the madVR rendering window. And after that ZP sends a new target rectangle to madVR. I see no indication that any of that would be initiated by madVR. From what I can see all madVR does is react to things ZP does.
romulous (reporter)
2014-04-03 10:03
edited on: 2014-04-03 10:04

bLight thought it was madVR that was triggering the resizing event, not Zoom. I've sent him a link to your comment to look at. I will also see if I can reproduce with VMR9.

romulous (reporter)
2014-04-03 13:46

Thanks for looking into this again madshi. I can confirm that VMR9 Windowed displays the problem as well - looks like it isn't a madVR issue. There has been an equivalent tracker report for this issue in the Zoom bug tracker for quite some time (it's a fairly long standing problem as I mentioned) - I've updated that report with this new info and bLight is going to review it again when he has some spare time.
madshi (administrator)
2014-04-03 14:48

Sounds good. Guess I can close this bug report now.

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