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0000160madVRbugpublic2014-02-24 18:142014-03-04 10:36
Assigned Tomadshi 
Platformx64OSWindows 7 SP1OS Version7601
Summary0000160: Corruption with uncompressed 4096x2304 v210 in AVI
DescriptionmadVR produces diagonal corruption with uncompressed 4096x2304 v210 in AVI.
Steps To ReproduceOpen video in VirtualDub.
Set output format to uncompressed v210
Save as AVI
Play video in madVR without any intermediary filters

Diagonal corruption across the screen
Additional InformationLAV Video v210 output to madVR does not have this issue.

Does not occur with uncompressed v210 below 4096 width.

According to the forum post by huhn [^] , this issue may affect 4096x2034 16bit PNG images as well.
TagsNo tags attached.
madVR Version0.87.4
Media Player (with version info)MPC-HC (1.7.3)
Splitter (with version info)AVI Splitter (Microsoft)
Decoder (with version info)madVR raw input
Deinterlacingnone (progressive)
DXVA2 Scaling Activeno
Aero / Desktop CompositionOn
Problem occurs with modeall modes
GPU ManufacturerNVidia
GPU ModelGTX 770
GPU Driver Version327.23
Attached Fileszip file icon [^] (6,504 bytes) 2014-03-03 20:20
png file icon v210.png [^] (3,574,144 bytes) 2014-03-03 20:21

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madshi (administrator)
2014-03-03 19:47

I don't have VirtualDub installed. Can you create a small sample for me?

The PNG issue seems to be something different, I suspect a bug in LAV.
huhn (reporter)
2014-03-03 19:52

the png works fine with evr. lavfilter sends rgb24 to evr. madvr normally gets rgb48, but with forced rgb24 the error is still there, so i don't see the problem in lavfilter.

should i create a new bug and check this problem again?
madshi (administrator)
2014-03-03 20:06

No, I just found out that the problem was simply caused by madVR auto-detecting the primaries to be DCI-P3, due to the width of 4096 only be used by DCI, and furthermore my DCI primaries had an incorrect white point. I've now fixed the white point and disabled resolution based DCI auto-detection. But really, this got nothing to do with this bug report.
cyberbeing (reporter)
2014-03-03 20:23

Attached an uncompressed v210 in avi sample (warning, it extracts to 1.4GB). Sometimes madVR shows diagonal lines like the attached screenshot, and other times it only shows a black screen.
madshi (administrator)
2014-03-04 10:36

Fixed in v0.87.5. But don't try to DXVA deinterlace your sample with and AMD GPU, or you'll get a bluescreen!! Seems that the AMD DXVA deinterlacer can't handle 4K content... #:-O

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