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0000215madVRbugpublic2014-06-08 13:102015-05-02 11:31
Assigned Tomadshi 
StatusclosedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformOSWindows XP Professional SP3OS Version
Summary0000215: Choppy playback
DescriptionVideo plays very choppy in random parts of video, but frequent enough to happen within a minute.
Steps To ReproducePlay a video, any codec or container, windowed or fullscreen, software or hardware decoding, in Windows XP x86 with latest nvidia drivers using GTX 750 Ti.
Additional InformationWas working fine earlier with same setup but Quadro 600 card and 321.01 driver version. Video plays fine if another renderer is used. No problem on Windows 7 x64 SP1 either with same setup.
TagsNo tags attached.
madVR Version0.66, 0.86.11, 0.87.10
Media Player (with version info)MPC-HC
Splitter (with version info)LAVFilters-0.61.2
Decoder (with version info)LAVFilters-0.61.2
Deinterlacingnone (progressive)
DXVA2 Scaling Activeno
Aero / Desktop CompositionOn
Problem occurs with modeall modes
GPU ManufacturerNVidia
GPU ModelGTX 750 Ti SC
GPU Driver Version337.88
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Mish12 (reporter)
2014-11-02 10:41

I have this bug too.
Often video does not play at all. If video plays it plays very choppy.
madVR Version: 0.87.10.
OS: Windows XP Professional SP3.
GPU Model: GTX 750.
GPU Driver Version: 344.11.
Media Player: MPC-BE 1.4.3 5182; MPC-HC 1.7.7 (46ce9d6).
Decoder: internal decoder of MPC-BE 1.4.3 5182; LAV Video Decoder; ffdshow video decoder rev4533.

I found workaround: in Windows display settings set 16 bit color depth (High Color) instead of 32 bit (True Color). Then bug disappears.
phbgjf (reporter)
2014-12-31 14:26

Thanks Mish12, that workaround can open a new can of worms though, hope this gets fixed soon now that we know it has to do with bitdepths or framebuffers.
madshi (administrator)
2015-03-14 15:15

Hi guys,

I don't really have enough information for this to do anything about it. It seems that most other users don't have this problem, so I think this is probably some configuration or driver issue on your PC(s).

For things like this, which only occur for some users, but not for most others, and where we don't have any specific data available for me to look at, it's best to discuss this in the madVR doom9 forum thread. This bug tracker isn't well suited for things like this.

So my suggestion would be to report this problem in the forum and discuss it there: [^]
Mish12 (reporter)
2015-03-22 14:48

Driver version: 347.52. madVR version: 0.87.14. Video doesn't play if system color depth is 32 bit.
I have reported this problem in the forum.

I have just found second workaround. Now I can use madVR with 32 bit system color depth. I run another videoplayer (for example, windows media player) with not-madVR renderer, pause video. Then I run videoplayer (MPC-BE) with madVR renderer and it works perfectly.

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