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0000260madVRbugpublic2015-03-22 11:45
ReporterMu-kun Assigned Tomadshi  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
OSWindowsOS Version10 (10.0.9926) 
Summary0000260: madVR reports: - resetting Direct3D device failed (8876086c)
DescriptionThe issuse occurs when I try to use a shader NNEDI3 in Chroma Upscaling (any neurons) when I change the shader to any other, the problem disappears.
Sorry for my english.
Additional InformationImage Doubling works fine.
TagsNo tags attached.
madVR Version0.87.13/0.87.14
Media Player (with version info)MPC-HC
Splitter (with version info)LAVSplitter 0.64-11-g91742
Decoder (with version info)LAVVideo 0.64-11-g91742
Deinterlacingauto mode
DXVA2 Scaling Activeno
Aero / Desktop CompositionOn
Problem occurs with modeall modes
GPU ManufacturerNVidia
GPU ModelGeForce GTX 980
GPU Driver Version349.65



2015-03-14 16:23

administrator   ~0000757

Which kind of video is that? Blu-Ray? Or something interlaced? Your report says you have CUDA decoding active. Is that true? Are you using DXVA scaling or DXVA deinterlacing?


2015-03-15 00:18

reporter   ~0000769

Last edited: 2015-03-15 00:26

Any kinds of video, BD/DVD and their rips. Yes, I have used CUDA decoding (and DXVA deinterlacing),
but it also doesn't work on software decoding and others.


I've just checked DXVA2 in Image Downscaling, and the problem doesn't occur only in windowed mode.


2015-03-15 02:41

reporter   ~0000771

Last edited: 2015-03-15 02:58

I solved this issuse by downgrade GeForce Driver to 347.52 version.

Version 349.65 of GeForce Game Ready Driver updates WDDM to new version 2.0 (Direct3D 12 API), could it cause problems?


2015-03-22 11:45

administrator   ~0000798

I'm not sure why the driver would cause issues, it should not. But then, it's not the first time that a specific driver version makes problems with madVR. You can try the next version when it's released.

Since you solved this issue by downgrading and because it's probably not a bug in madVR, I'll close this bug report.

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