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0000485madVRbugpublic2017-07-07 11:222018-01-14 11:38
Assigned Tomadshi 
PlatformWindowsOSWindows 10 Pro x64OS Version1703 b15063.447
Summary0000485: Black screen playing an HDR file in fullscreen non-exclusive on nVidia GPU
DescriptionTrying to play any 4k HDR file on the latest madVR/MPC-BE/nVidia drivers in fullscreen non-exclusive (since HDR is broken on FSE) results in a black screen. Not even the stats (Ctrl+J) or mouse cursor are displayed. I then need to blindly double click in the black display to restore the window to non-fullscreen and then the display's background is visible again.

10-bit HEVC and normal 8-bit files are unaffected. It doesn't matter which HW decoding I use (I tried CUVID, DXVA-CB and DXVA-native), the screen is still black.

"HDR and advanced color" is On in Windows. If I set it to Off, then the display shows the HDR logo but the clip is washed out and non-HDR.
TagsNo tags attached.
madVR Versionv0.91.11
Media Player (with version info)MBC-BE x64 v1.5.1 (build 2548)
Splitter (with version info)LAV 0.70.1
Decoder (with version info)LAV 0.70.1
DecodingDXVA2 Copyback
Deinterlacingnone (progressive)
DXVA2 Scaling Activeno
Aero / Desktop CompositionOff
Problem occurs with modewindowed mode
GPU ManufacturerNVidia
GPU ModelGTX1060 3GB
GPU Driver Version384.76
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madshi (administrator)
2017-07-07 11:34

> 10-bit HEVC and normal 8-bit files are unaffected

Which files are affected, then? I thought you were talking about 10-bit HEVC?

Have you tried resetting madVR to default settings? Does that change anything?

Does your TV support HDR? Normally, the best config for an Nvidia GPU is to turn "HDR and advanced color" off.
Dewde (reporter)
2017-07-07 11:41
edited on: 2017-07-07 11:45

Sorry for the confusion.

10-bit HEVC with HDR: not working
10-bit HEVC without HDR: working
8-bit: working

Yes, my TV is an LG 55C6V OLED, it supports HDR and I'm playing it fine with other sources such as the TV's internal player or via DLNA.

I've been following the doom9 thread closely and I'm aware of the recent problems with nvidia drivers newer than 380.xx. Thus, trying to play an HDR file requires "HDR and advanced color" to be On, else I get a non-HDR visual on the screen while trying to play an HDR file (washed out colors).

madshi (administrator)
2017-07-07 11:47

No, "HDR and advanced color" should be off, not on. If you set it on, your OLED will *always* be driven in HDR mode, which is not good for SDR playback. With "HDR and advanced color" off, madVR will dynamically switch your display into HDR mode when you play an HDR movie.

One possible reason why it doesn't seem to work for you might be if you have ffdshow raw video filter in your chain?

Does the madVR OSD report the file to be HDR?
Dewde (reporter)
2017-07-07 12:04

Yes, the file is HDR and it does display fine (with the correct colors and all) if "HDR and advanced color" is off, but the display mode is set to 8-bit. I've attached a screenshot below (the colors are off, but only for the screenshot, they show fine on the TV). I know that you implemented 10-bit support in this last build in windowed fullscreen non-exclusive and that's what's not working for me. [^]

I don't seem to seem to have ffdshow in the chain. MPC-BE -> Play -> Filters reports during playback:

Default DirectSound Device
madVR Renderer
Audio Switcher >
LAV Video Decoder
LAV Audio Decoder
LAV Splitter >
File Source (Async.)
madshi (administrator)
2017-07-07 12:07

Now you're saying it does display fine. Earlier you said you got washed out colors. Now what is it?

Anyway. If you want 10bit, you need FSE mode. And for dynamic switching to work in FSE mode, you need older drivers, something between 376.xx and 380.xx.

10bit windowed support is not available by Microsoft with "HDR and advanced color" turned off.
Dewde (reporter)
2017-07-07 12:24
edited on: 2017-07-07 12:26

You're right, it's washed out only when FSE is activated. But windowed-FS displays fine.

Anyway, I'm fine with the panel always being in HDR mode as long as I can watch HDR in 10bit in window-FS, but the screen turns black as soon as I set it to FS.

madshi (administrator)
2017-07-07 12:34

Well, I don't know why, I can't reproduce that here, it works fine on my PC. It could be a bug in madVR, or in the GPU drivers or in the OS. No way to tell. You seem to be the only one who has this specific problem, so it could be something specific to your PC.

Anyway, GPU drivers still have many bugs related to HDR, so let's just wait and see how it plays out. For now, you can try different GPU driver versions to see if any of them works. Or alternatively you'll have to use one of the configs I've suggested/recommended, with "HDR and advanced color" off.
Dewde (reporter)
2017-07-07 12:42

The thing is HDR-10bit was working the other day on the same drivers, but in my quest to fix other problems (like wrong colors, HDR image being very dim, which I've tracked down to DXVA scaling in Trade quality...), something got broken. Do you think it's worth resetting madVR and starting fresh? It seems to be the only thing I can try since there's not much I can do about the GPU drivers or the OS..
madshi (administrator)
2017-07-07 13:51

I don't know. Could also be some Nvidia GPU control panel settings. Haven't got a clue.
frank (reporter)
2017-08-31 05:43
edited on: 2017-08-31 07:02

I can have 10bit in windowed mode with "HDR and advanced color" on but not in full screen.
In full screen it will give a black screen after 3 seconds. I have nvidia 1060 connected to a TV via hdmi2.0. and BTW, I tried LAVdecoder daily build, the new D3D11 hardware decorder greatly improves frame rate with madvr, it used to be a pain to play some 4k HDR. it now runs very fast.

and I have to restart TV after the blackout as there are some noise on screen even after I quit mpc-hc.

madshi (administrator)
2017-08-31 11:48

Is it the kind of blackout that means that your display can't sync to the signal that your GPU outputs? If so, that might indicate that either the HDMI cable is defective/unstable/too-slow, or it could indicate that the GPU uses timings that the display doesn't like or understand, for some reason.

Did you use any kind of custom mode / custom timing?
Hyacin (reporter)
2017-11-04 22:45

I have got this exact same problem.

"HDR and Advanced Color" On
Windowed HDR video looks perfect.
FSE throws the set out of HDR mode and everything looks washed out.
Disable the exclusive mode setting, and full screen results in a black screen until I switch the display into and out of "HDR and Advanced Color" mode or do something else to make Windows re-detect or re-initialize it or whatever.

"HDR and Advanced Color" Off
Windowed HDR video has colors all wrong.
FSE throws the set out of HDR mode and everything looks washed out.
Disable the exclusive mode setting, and full screen results in a black screen until I switch the display into and out of "HDR and Advanced Color" mode or do something else to make Windows re-detect or re-initialize it or whatever.

So the only way I can get HDR video to actually display as HDR is to have the system in "HDR and Advanced Color" mode, and MPC windowed. :-/
madshi (administrator)
2017-11-09 10:13

Using OS, which GPU and which GPU drivers? If Windows 10 + Nvidia: Try old drivers, e.g. 385.xx or even older. The last drivers from before the original Windows 10 Creator's Update would be ideal. With those the "HDR and Advanced Color" OS switch should not even be visible at all. With those drivers dynamic switching should work perfectly.
mrAlexis (reporter)
2017-11-13 12:49
edited on: 2017-11-13 20:23

I have the same issue after updating Windows 10 to Fall Creators Update v.1709 b.16299.19. My GPU is nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 8G with v.388.13 drivers. Trying to follow your advices, but nothing helps. Not even downgrading the GPU drivers to version 385.41. How to solve problem in new Fall Creators Update? Thanks!

bmiki235 (reporter)
2017-11-24 20:57
edited on: 2017-11-24 20:57

I have the same problem. Win10 Fall Creators update and black screen. But it is work fine for me!
Try this:
Go to madVR settings->rendering->exclusive mode and uncheck the mark:"present several frames in advance"

madshi (administrator)
2017-11-24 20:58

That's not really a good solution, though.

Try old drivers with madVR default settings. That should work!
cadisrai (reporter)
2017-11-25 17:19

Running into similar problems, the only fix I found was in nVidia control panel to reduce the screens refresh rate(I set it to 30Hz), HDR content then runs in fullscreen(not exclusive) without going into full black.
HDR 4k runs fine in Windows Movies & TV app in fullscreen(when refresh rate is @60), hope this gets fixed soon.
madshi (administrator)
2017-11-25 17:25

Did you try old Nvidia drivers with madVR default settings?
madshi (administrator)
2018-01-14 11:38

This should be fixed with the latest 390.65 Nvidia drivers. Make sure the OS "HDR and Advanced Color" switch is *off*.

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