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0000535madVRbugpublic2018-11-20 23:44
Reporterjmonier Assigned Tomadshi  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
OSWindowsOS Version8.1 
Summary0000535: HDR is turned back on after playback file is closed
DescriptionWhen the playback file is closed after playback stops, HDR appears to be turned off, but after 1 sec or so it is turned back on. It then stays on until the player is closed, when it is turned off. This occurs with the Nvidia Win 7/8 driver versions starting with 385.69 up to the current driver (390.65). The problem does not occur with 385.41 and below. Note that if playback is stopped without closing the file, nothing happens, i.e. HDR remains on. This has been tested with Zoomplayer and MPC-HC.
Steps To ReproduceSee above
Additional InformationNote that the Win 7/8 driver is a different driver than the Win 10 driver and behaves somewhat differently, e.g. there is no problem turning on HDR for any recent version.

Just as an FYI, driver 390.65 resets "Output Dynamic Range" to "Limited" (from "Full") whenever the computer is rebooted. Earlier versions do not have this problem.
TagsNo tags attached.
madVR Version 0.92.11
Media Player (with version info)Zoomplayer 14.1 beta 2, MPC-HC 1.7.13
Splitter (with version info)LAV
Decoder (with version info)LAV (D3D11 decoding)
Deinterlacingnone (progressive)
DXVA2 Scaling Activeno
Aero / Desktop CompositionOff
Problem occurs with modewindowed mode
GPU ManufacturerNVidia
GPU ModelGTX1070
GPU Driver Version385.69 up



2018-01-16 19:53

administrator   ~0002143

Can you please create a debug log (as short as possible) which shows the problem with closing the file, HDR -> off -> on? Please zip it before attaching it, thanks.


2018-01-18 23:32


madVR - (1,074,891 bytes)


2018-01-22 19:31

administrator   ~0002207

According to the log file it seems that madVR does everything correctly. I don't have a win7/win8 test PC, anymore, so I can't test it. On win10 I can't reproduce the problem.

I'll report the problem to my Nvidia contact.

I'll close this bug report, because there's simply nothing I can do (except reporting the issue to Nvidia).


2018-01-22 19:41

administrator   ~0002208

Actually, after double and triple checking, I'm not sure, it could be my fault, after all.

Are you 100% sure that the issue does not occur with drivers 385.41 and below?


2018-01-22 19:44

administrator   ~0002209

Here's a test build, does it change anything?


2018-01-23 01:48

reporter   ~0002210

The test build does not change anything.

The problem is there for EVERY build 385.69 and above. It is definitely not there on 385.41 but I have not checked any below that.


2018-01-23 01:50

reporter   ~0002211

It's too bad that you don't have a win 8 machine any more since the Nvidia win8 driver is apparently significantly different from the win10 driver.


2018-01-23 09:25

administrator   ~0002212

Ok, can you please do the following test for me:

While HDR playback is running, use the task manager to terminate all "madHcCtrl.exe" processes (there are probably at least 2, maybe more). Please use the "details" tab in the task manager, not the first tab.

How does that affect things when you close the file, and when you close the media player?


2018-01-23 17:29

reporter   ~0002213

After terminating all "madHcCtrl.exe" processes (there are 2) HDR simply stays on when the file is closed (it would go off and then on again otherwise).

When the player is closed HDR goes off (which is the same in either case).


2018-01-23 17:39

administrator   ~0002215

Ok, next (and probably final) test:

After terminated all madHcCtrl.exe processes, please also violently terminate the media player, so neither the media player nor madVR have a chance to turn off HDR. Does HDR automatically turn off in that moment when you terminate the media player process?

It's very important that you terminate *all* madHcCtrl.exe processes first, before you terminate the media player, because otherwise the madHcCtrl.exe processes will turn HDR off. Basically I need to know if the Nvidia GPU driver itself turns HDR off when the media player process dies.


2018-01-23 18:52

reporter   ~0002218

Yes, HDR IS turned off, even when I used Task Manager to terminate the player process.


2018-01-23 19:03

administrator   ~0002219

I suppose this build probably fixes the issue?

FWIW, even if it does, I will probably not use this fix. It looks like a driver issue, and I'll probably rely on Nvidia fixing the issue instead. Of course I'll report it to the Nvidia dev.


2018-01-23 19:43

reporter   ~0002220

Yes, that fixes it. Since 385.41 seems to work just as well as more recent versions for me in all other respects, I'll probably go back to that one until Nvidia fixes the problem.

If it's no trouble, could you also report the problem with the 390.65 driver where the "Output Dynamic Range" gets set to "Limited" upon a reboot.


2018-01-23 19:46

administrator   ~0002221

Ok, will report both issues, and now close this bug report, but it's really not a bug in madVR.


2018-10-04 19:34

reporter   ~0002432

I just wanted to note that Nvidia has never fixed this issue (at least in the Win8 drivers). Right now, I have no problem using old drivers to fix things for me, but I thought you should know.


2018-11-20 15:56

reporter   ~0002436

The problem is fixed on the 416.94 driver.


2018-11-20 18:43

administrator   ~0002437

Cool. So everything works perfectly now in Windows 8.1?


2018-11-20 21:07

reporter   ~0002438



2018-11-20 23:44

administrator   ~0002439

Cool, so I can close this bug report.

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