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0000608eac3tobugpublic2019-04-20 23:50
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PlatformIntelOSWindows NTOS VersionWin 10 1809 x64
Summary0000608: Process freeze when pass1 file reach 1GB
Description I am trying use this line command in batch file: "-24.000 -changeTo23.976 -down32 -normalize -resampleTo48000 -r8brain", but process stop (blocked or paused) when *.pass1 file reach 1 GB.

Source file:

Origin: NTSC
Samplerate: 96000 Hz
Bitdepth: 32 float
Size: 3GB

Batch file:

@echo off
Title NTSC to FILM

set "eac3to=C:\Portables\MeGUI\tools\eac3to\eac3to.exe" rem Put you directory for eac3to

md %~dp0Completed

for %%@ in (*.wav) do (

    "%eac3to%" "%%@" "%%~dpn@_FILM.wav" -24.000 -changeTo23.976 -down32 -normalize -resampleTo48000 -r8brain -log=NUL
    move "%%@" "%~dp0Completed" /Y

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