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0000627madVRbugpublic2020-05-05 19:11
Reportertomeq82 Assigned To 
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PlatformWindows 10OS1903OS Version18362.476
Summary0000627: after entering fullscreen exclusive playback stops/pauses and can't resume
DescriptionThis issue is more or less prevailing in each madVR version I have ever tried.
I'm using MPC-HC since ever, the issue exist in latest versions of both.

Whenever I set automatic screenmode change and fullscreen exclusive with mode change on playback start (or player start, it doesn't really matter) playback stops and i'm unable to resume it. Play and pause buttons are inactive. MPC-HC seems to hang. I'm switching to 2160p resolutions with corresponding refresh rates. All is defined in madVR settings. I have set delay in exclusive screenmode to 3 seconds as my TV is taking long time to switch modes of operation.

Issue doesn't exist when I first switch to desired screen mode manually then start playback.
Steps To Reproduce1. use MPC-HC for playback with madVR used
2. set madVR to change screenmode to allign with video
3. launch playback
4. screenmode will change but playback will stop on very first frame (or few frames further) and never resumes and i'm unable to resume
TagsNo tags attached.
madVR Version0.92.17
Media Player (with version info)MPC-HC
Splitter (with version info)LAV Splitter (MPC-HC bulit in)
Decoder (with version info)LAV Video Decoder (MPC-HC bulit in)
DecodingDXVA2 Native
Deinterlacingnone (progressive)
DXVA2 Scaling Activeyes
Aero / Desktop CompositionOn
Problem occurs with modefullscreen exclusive mode
GPU ManufacturerNVidia
GPU Model1050 Ti
GPU Driver Version436.02



2019-11-29 20:00


madvr_1.png (174,505 bytes)   
madvr_1.png (174,505 bytes)   


2019-11-29 20:00


madvr_2.png (166,674 bytes)   
madvr_2.png (166,674 bytes)   


2019-11-29 20:01


madvr_3.png (158,669 bytes)   
madvr_3.png (158,669 bytes)   


2019-11-29 20:01


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madvr_4.png (204,180 bytes)   


2019-11-29 20:18

reporter   ~0002583

If there is need for more debugging, reproduction scenarios etc. i'm ready - quite power user so nothing really scares me much ;-)


2019-12-01 17:16

reporter   ~0002584

I have performed some debugging myself and the problem seems to be in the way the madVR is trying to do exclusive fullscreen mode, switch to fullscreen or some sort of interop between MPC-HC:
- when I set the player to start playback in fullscreen mode+switch screnmode when playback starts, the video starts playback, but after "initialization" it drops back to window + desktop. This causes 3 times switching the resolution: from desktop resolution 4k 60hz, to 4k 24hz, then back do desktop and if I want full screen I need to AGAIN push MPC-HC to fullscreen. My TV is switching the resolution for 3-5 seconds (Panasonic TX-50CX700E) so this is extra annoying.
- setting MPC-HC to not go to fullscreen+set madVR to switch screenmode when playback starts, ofcourse removes one mode switch, but still screen blinks during madVR init and additional action is needed from me (go fullscreen after playback start) - this is safest setting
- setting madVR to switch to matching display mode when media player goes fullscreen + set MPC-HC to go fullscreen after playback starts causes drop to desktop from fullscreen, mode swtiching many times and usually "forever pause" or black window, no video,just audio. This is worst setting to have in my scenario.
- when I set "delay playback start until render queue is full" mostly 100% of video launches with mode switching ends in "forever pause" mode. No matter what other settings are set to.
- when I set "delay switch to exclusive mode by 3 seconds" it ends in audio only video, black screen or current frame stand still. Same as above it kills playback.

I must say it is a mess. I never managed to have stable solution for this and dropped using madVR in my htpc setup.


2019-12-01 17:19

administrator   ~0002585

Have you tried using windowed mode instead of FSE? In Windows 10 fullscreen windows mode is not so bad.


2019-12-01 18:16

reporter   ~0002586

I tried - the effect is less painful indeed but MPC-HC never enters fullscreen automatically in that mode. Despite the setting explictly set to start playback in fullscreen, It ends in a window on desktop, I need to manually go fullscreen (doubleclick, alt+enter whatever) None of the madVR settings in windowed mode caused MPC-HC to go fullscreen automatically.


2019-12-01 18:21

administrator   ~0002587

That's weird, that seems to work for me. I also don't have the FSE problem you're reporting. Sadly, HTPCs are a mess and every user has different issues.


2019-12-01 18:52

reporter   ~0002588

Hm, I meant "htpc" is a normal computer for home entertrainment, nothing sophisticated :) nVidia 1050Ti, Pentium G4500 Gold and B360 chipset based board. All standard. The only thing I didn't change since I had those issues is the TV and AVR receiver. Reinstalled windows number of times, I tried with 1030 card and Intel GPU with DP-> HDMI active converter (which caused separate set of problems with 4K output). What puzzles me much is why the player skips out to windowed mode no matter what. It looks like it times out waiting for TV to change display mode and skips out to "safe" mode which is desktop? Is it possible at all?


2019-12-01 18:55

administrator   ~0002589

The PC doesn't know or care when the TV switches. That information isn't sent through HDMI.


2019-12-02 00:43

reporter   ~0002590

i had this problem too.
with pretty much the same TV TX55CXW704. pretty sure it had nothing todo with it but just saying.

there are 2 different "types" of FSE on windows now.
the normal one that allows overlays from the notification centre, game DVR, geforce experience and so much more. which could be the issue.

sou you could try getting rid of these for a test.

use with cautious:
then we have the original FSE which can be accessed by right clicking the mpc-hc64.exe -> properties -> compatibility -> disable fullscreen optimisation.


2019-12-02 08:33

reporter   ~0002591

Will do some tries with FSE and disabling all overlays (I think I did but I will check again), but let's say I will stick to windowed mode - as it seems switching screen modes is the real issue here.

When video is launched via mpc-hc -> open file, it willl never get to fullscreen, it will stay on desktop I need to make it fullscreen manually, but here we will have 100% of success in playback, it will switch screenmode, etc.

When I open video via "open with" or doubleclick video icon it will go fullscreen (i see fullscreen logo of mpc-hc for a while), change screen mode and most probably:
- drop from fullscreen to mpc-hc window, but video can be played then (it will normally run)
- stay fullscreen (yay! finally!) but will not start playing automatically (why?) and here another problem branching: will end on audio only or forever pause. SOMETIMES it will just play correctly. I tried maaaaany different videos to find any common denominator, which video plays normally, which don't. I'm unable to.

Ofcourse none of the issues are here when the screenmode is already set or I don't use screenmode change feature in madVR.


2019-12-02 09:54

administrator   ~0002592

> disable fullscreen optimisation

I didn't even know that one!


2019-12-02 14:27

reporter   ~0002593

checked - no overlays, nvidia or Windows Game Overlay enabled. Disabled full screen optimization for mpc-hc64.exe. Same story. No change. Just to be sure, checked with FSE and windowed fullscreen. No change in behavior.

Expected behavior is:
- MPC-HC has option "start playing in fullscreen enabled"
- despite the option in madvr is set: FSE or windowed fullscreen I got video played on fullscreen :) no matter if "doublecliked" video icon, used "open with" from right click menu or "open file" in MPC.

This is something I can't achieve....


2019-12-02 15:17

reporter (160,368 bytes)


2019-12-02 15:18

reporter   ~0002594

Last edited: 2019-12-02 18:55

attached debug with FSE enabled, 4K HDR file opened from right click, open with. Screenmode changed, then black screen. Didn't even started and ctrl+j not able to open....

second log is with disabled delay playback until render queue is full. It gets further though not without a problems. Audio is on, video is "one frame" and debug memu pops-up.


2019-12-02 18:54



2019-12-16 19:36

reporter   ~0002600

I just wanna chime in and say I think I have the same issue.
Just built a new pc primarily for use with mpc-hc and madVR, and have been sorting through issues for two days now.

Although my issue doesn't seem to occur all of the time, more like in cycles. Last night it worked well, today i'm having issues 80-90% of the time.

I'm using the same software, and also have an nVida gpu (2070rtx).


2019-12-16 20:27

reporter   ~0002601

@kristoffer, you say "cycles" I would say bugless playing depends on if I do fresh restart of the pc or if the pc is working for a while and display is being switched to pc. Those two scenarios differ, it fail when I switch my audio receiver to pc and try to play video.


2019-12-16 22:32

reporter   ~0002602

That resembles my experience. last night for whatever reason I rebooted my pc, and it was working fine afterwards. Don't recall why I rebooted, could be when I tried to re-install mpc-hc and madVR. Today it didnt work.

Anyways, I've settled with your workaround for the time being, opening my movies in windowed mode before I go fullscreen.

If I can help with anything to figure out this bug just ask. Just tell me how and i'll provide logs and try stuff.


2020-04-23 17:26

reporter   ~0002690

Last edited: 2020-04-23 17:36

I have exactly the same bug but I can confirm it 100% depends on the File.
I encountered this issue recently and have confirmed that some Files (mkv) regardless of SDR or HDR just can't start playback, you can skip in the File and you get a proper still image but it is impossible to start playback.
I have not found a solution for this yet and it's very annoying.
The only thing i noticed is that in the madVR OSD it shows that on the "faulty" Files the "present queue" hangs at 1-1 / 8

My System:
Win10 1909 Build 18363.778
Nvidia RTX 2070 Driver 445.87
MPC-BE 1.5.4
madVR 0.92.17

File 1 "RO HDR" works not
madVR OSD:

File 2 "KDL SDR" works not
madVR OSD:

File 3 "KDL HDR" works not
madVR OSD:

I want to help resolve this so ask me anything



2020-05-03 15:47

reporter   ~0002693

Heres another 3 Files that don't work:

File EP1
madVR OSD:

File EP2
madVR OSD:

File EP3
madVR OSD:

Seems like the files that can't play get more common since recently.



2020-05-03 22:43

reporter   ~0002694

Could be an audio driver issue. Test with NULL audio renderer.


2020-05-04 21:20

reporter   ~0002695

I just confirmed it is not related to the audio driver.
It is unclear to me why these files can't play back properly but still show the correct still image if you seek around.
Maybe it is some weird encoding that madVR can't handle?

I don't know and we still have to hear from madshi, maybe he has some advice.

Is there a way to output a log file for further diagnostic means?


2020-05-04 22:38

reporter   ~0002696

madVR can handle such files without issues, and the player/codecs that you use as well.

Test with DXVA hardware decoding disabled in the player. If that works the problem is the fault of the graphics driver.


2020-05-05 19:11

reporter   ~0002697

I'm not using DXVA at all as you can see in the madVR OSD screenshots.
I also tested going back to the previous Nvidia Driver since some users on doom9 reported issues with the latest 445.87 and HDR. But it didn't solve it.

Its very unlikely that the graphics driver or the player is the issue here.
Since most Files play without issues, it is just on some files where it can't start playback.

The issue is somewhere in the "present queue" since the decoder, upload and render queue are full.

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