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0000288eac3tobugpublic2018-03-11 18:06
Reporternautilus7 Assigned Tomadshi  
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Summary0000288: Cannot extract pgs/sup subtitles from mkv files
DescriptionPGS/SUP subtitles cannot be demuxed correctly from mkv files. This happens with all files I have tried. It's happening now for quite a long time, if not forever.

Only way to demux pgs/sup from mkv is using mkvextract, since eac3to outputs a broken file.
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eac3to Version3.29



2018-03-11 08:16

reporter   ~0002242

eac3to currently ignores whether the track in the Matroska file has been compressed (picture based subtitles are very compressible, so mkvmerge uses zlib compression for them by default) and simply extracts the data out of the file as is; it does not decompress it at all.


2018-03-11 18:06

administrator   ~0002243

That makes sense, eac3to doesn't support zlib decompression atm.

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