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0000375eac3tobugpublic2022-08-19 12:41
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Summary0000375: Incorrect processing of the particular ac3 file
DescriptionThe problematic file seems to be an mp3 with WAV header compressed to ac3. It's correct duration - 02:14:57 (recognized by MPC-HC and BeSweet). eac3to determines its duration as 04:29:55.
Command line:
eac3to "True Lies.track_423.ac3" "True Lies.track_423.wav"
produces wav with duration 02:36:19. It's played slowed down.
Command line:
eac3to "True Lies.track_423.ac3" "True Lies.track_423.wavs"
produces wavs with duration 06:44:52. They're played incorrectly, too.
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eac3to Version3.31


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