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0000450eac3tobugpublic2018-10-21 20:36
Reportertebasuna51 Assigned Tomadshi  
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Summary0000450: don't support some eac3 files
DescriptionProblems with some eac3 files reported by eac3to with core like this:
E-AC3, 7.1 channels, 0:01:23, 768kbps, 48kHz, dialnorm: -27dB
(core: AC3, 5.1 channels, 0:01:23, 448kbps, 48kHz, dialnorm: -27dB)

eac3to Sample.eac3 without_DN.eac3
Removing AC3 dialog normalization...
Applying (E-)AC3 delay failed. <ERROR> ????
Aborted at file position 262144. <ERROR>

eac3to Sample.eac3 Decoded.wav <ABORT ALSO>

DelayCut v1.3.0 show wrong info, etc.
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eac3to Version3.31



2016-11-24 03:24

reporter (7,786,293 bytes)


2017-11-18 21:25

administrator   ~0001927

Tried to do a quick fix, but failed. It's of course fixable, but it will take a bit of time which I currently don't have, so it will have to wait.

FWIW, using "-core", decoding seems to work.

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