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0000650madVRbugpublic2022-04-09 09:42
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PlatformPC (GTX 750 1GB, i5 9400F, 16GB)OSWindowsOS VersionWindows 10
Summary0000650: 'ACESS VIOLATION' crash when "image upscaling = NGU sharp" and using SVP in fullscreen
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Happens when I turn this on:
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The playback always crashes, almost instantly when certain MadVR settings are on.
Seems to only happen when I have SVP on (SmoothVideoProject 4.0.0-6), I'm using MPC-HC 64-bit 1.9.6 and madVR 0.92.17.

This might be a SVP bug, but seems to be directly affected by madVR. I downloaded madVR and MPC-HC through the SVP mainteinance tool.

Seems related to
Steps To ReproduceThe bug seems to only happen if I meet all 3 of the following requirements:
- Have SVP on (performing frame rate conversion)
- Have MPC-HC on a big window so upscaling kicks in (for example, fullscreen a 720p video)
- Have "Image Upscaling" set to "NGU Sharp" in settings
- Might only happen on my CPU/GPU setup (but probably affects all/most setups), can't test.

Closing SVP, watching in windowed mode, or changing Image Upscaling to Jinc either greatly lowers the chance for the crash to happen (like from 99% per second to 1%) or fully stops it (didn't test for long periods of time).
Additional InformationError message:
Happens when I turn this on:
FFMPEG tooltip info:

I'm a basic user, I don't know what the decoding, splitter and decoder fields below are, I hope I typed the right thing but probably not. Don't know how to check.

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2020-08-07 04:49

reporter   ~0002727

The website duplicated my other issue ( ). I tried to upload a text file, it said it wasnt published because .txt was invalid and asked me to press back on my browser and change it. I made minor changes to this bug report and submitted again, but then realized the website published both for some reason.


2020-08-07 08:48

administrator   ~0002729

Your GPU has rather little RAM, maybe that's causing the issue? I'm not sure, just guessing. You could try lowering the size of the CPU Queue and GPU Queue settings in the madVR settings under "rendering -> general settings".


2020-08-10 05:34

reporter   ~0002730

Nope, GPU Queue at minimum (4) and CPU Queue at 8 (half the default, cause my CPU is decent) and it still crashes if I set Chroma Upscaling and Image Upscaling to something complex/heavy (maxed out NGU).
This time, it became a slideshow for a few seconds (MPC almost crashing, displaying 1 frame per second) and then crashed with the same error.
Using Jinc on both still works fine


2022-04-09 05:09

reporter   ~0002873

I just tested changing my GPU Queue to 8 vs. 4, and my GPU memory usage didn't change at all. I seemed to use about 1GB just for this playback. I have an 11GB card, and it went from 0.3-0.4GB used with nothing running to 1.4-1.5GB playing a 720p video on my 1440p screen (Windows 10, MPC-HC + LAV Filters + SVP4).

I'd guess this error might be what happens when things run too slow. That some timeout or assumption fails.

I am a little surprised this is running OpenCL on an NVIDIA card. Last I knew their CUDA specific performance and efficiency was much better. But that'd take 2 code bases for AMD/Intel vs. NVIDIA.


2022-04-09 09:41

administrator   ~0002876

Last edited: 2022-04-09 09:42

Looking at the screenshot, the crash is not in madVR, but in OpenCL, which madVR does not use. So you might want to report this issue to the SVP devs?

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