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0000674madVRbugpublic2022-09-19 14:46
Reporterhuhn Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Platformx64OSwindows 11OS Version22000
Summary0000674: madVR hdr does not work on windows 11 newest build
Descriptionthe new win 11 build stop madVR from sending an HDR image. the image is just tone mapped to SDR i guess by windows or the GPU driver HDR is not send but madVR thinks it is the OSD still shows AMD HDR.
Steps To Reproduceget the newest win 11 build and a GPU driver that supports the new WDDM.
play a HDR file with madVR in passthrough.
Additional InformationmpcVR HDR still works by switching the OS HDR on or OFF even with OS HDR on the image does not seem to be 100 % correct.
TagsNo tags attached.
madVR Version92.17 it has TM curves but i dont know the version
Media Player (with version info)mpc-hc
Splitter (with version info)lav 0.74.1
Decoder (with version info)lav 0.74.1
Deinterlacingnone (progressive)
DXVA2 Scaling Activeno
Aero / Desktop CompositionOn
Problem occurs with modefullscreen exclusive mode
GPU ManufacturerAMD
GPU Model5700 XT
GPU Driver Version21.8.1



2021-08-20 11:43

reporter   ~0002820

this is more to let you know. i will keep you updated on this with the upcoming new windows versions. could be fixed in the next version could be the new default behaviour time will tell just a couple more months.


2021-08-20 12:01

administrator   ~0002821

Yeah, Microsoft continues to screw things up more and more with each OS update. That's not really surprising. Hopefully they can get it solved somehow. That said, madVR's DTM is probably the best there is, anyway, so the importance of having HDR output is not as high as it used to be. The latest LG OLEDs support getting full brightness in SDR mode, so there's no need to send them HDR, anymore.


2021-08-20 12:37

reporter   ~0002822

taking my shitty OLED and AMD into account i'm not so sure and the majority doesn't have OLEDs.
because there is no report BT 2020 and such.
not that i care about HDR.

what so ever there is a chance microsoft will do something about this because they broke older HDR games that doesn't use windows OS HDR but AMD and NVIDIA API. there are now games out there that will not be able to send HDR at all. usually they take backwards compatibility kinda serious. HDR games are just a couple of years old. on the other hand just look at 11...


2021-08-20 12:53

administrator   ~0002823

I think it might be more of an AMD driver problem, actually, and less of an OS problem. Because if SDR playback works fine, the OS shouldn't even know (or care) if the AMD/Nvidia private HDR APIs are used or not. So there's a chance that a new AMD driver might fix this.


2021-08-20 16:46

reporter   ~0002824

just for context.
i'm using win 11 dev builds since the release and everything was working fine with the last dev build.
this does not mean i don't update GPU driver too.


2021-10-06 02:35

reporter   ~0002825

win 11 is out now and it still "broken" it outputs an image now but the levels are wrong it not off by 16 levels it'S less but. i don't know
even through there is a new driver the problem was the same it changed with windows version.

currently the AMD API is working at 8 bit and even in windowed (tone mapping and it seems to do a good job...)so .... that'S not supposed to be happening.

there are reports HDR and refreshrate switching broke completely on nvidia.


2021-10-06 11:51

administrator   ~0002826

Might make sense to wait for newer drivers from both AMD and Nvidia. There's not much I can do about this, I fear.


2021-10-06 17:29

reporter   ~0002827

it worked on AMD to wait for new windows versions. it was literally not engaging HDR with older windows versions.

there are some other things that break with madVR that should be related to your code.
the identifications are now stacking up i'm already at 120. it's reported that if more than one device is listed in devices 10 bit doesn't work on nvidia (which is kinda random).

but my first response was also wait for a new driver first and than have a look.
identificationbug.png (104,010 bytes)   
identificationbug.png (104,010 bytes)   


2021-10-06 17:34

administrator   ~0002828

Can you reproduce the IDs stacking up problem? If so, can you zip and upload the settings.bin file with such a flood of IDs inside?


2021-10-06 17:55

reporter   ~0002829

sure and a log. the settings are relative random from testing.
not sure what trigger it i had to switch between tone map and passthrough to relibile add a couple of new idetification to madVR. could be an LG OLED issue too...


2021-10-06 18:01

reporter   ~0002830

there is no error when uploading so i zipped a 7z together with the bin which feels very wrong.
log and (1,650,751 bytes)


2021-10-06 18:08

administrator   ~0002831

That's interesting, some of the IDs are unique, but there are a *LOT* of duplicates in there. That's not really supposed to happen.


2021-10-20 03:20

reporter   ~0002832

Update: Other color managed applications are working again on Win 11 dev 224478.1012 (chrome, ff, etc. don't work on Win 11 release 22000), but MadVR doesn't select a device and still has the many identifications.


2021-10-20 09:29

administrator   ~0002833

At some point I will install Win11 myself and fix the problems, but I'm too busy for that right now, unfortunately. So it will have to wait...


2021-10-24 15:38

reporter   ~0002834

this seems to be more and more of been a driver issue/windows issue.
i only have one HDR game and that game has the wrong ranges too just like madVR even outside of HDR which makes absolutely no sense.

windowed HDR passthrough(where it was tone mapping) is now broken it has the wrong ranges too and the only thing that changes is the OS version.

win 11 is a new low for microsoft.


2021-10-25 09:25

administrator   ~0002835

Yeah, they continue to make things worse and worse, it seems. I've no idea how such big a company can't manage to release a new OS update without breaking things all over again every time.


2021-11-07 01:48

reporter   ~0002839

Unfortunately it is affecting everything that is related to the display settings as well. HDR, display modes, calibration, etc. If you have multiple displays connected to the computer, madVR just fallbacks to the first display's settings, because it can't detect the display correctly or something similar stuff is happening (see the ID duplication thing above). My projector is configured to switch refresh rate automatically by madVR according to the movie, but under Windows 11 it just does nothing, unless I place all the projector's config into the primary display's settings (which would be a great workaround, but it won't work correctly, because it applies to the other displays too of course).


2021-11-08 09:37

administrator   ~0002840

I'm in the process of building a new development PC, based on Windows 11, and will then try to fix any madVR related bugs I can find. I'm not sure if HDR can be fixed, though. Depends on whether it's my fault or not.


2022-06-20 16:07

reporter   ~0002911

Are there any news about this issue?

I'm using Win 11 21H2 now, latest nvidia game ready driver and the latest madVR Test Build that I found on and I'm still experiencing the mentioned display modes issue. However I realized now that madVR recognize my secondary display (is entry is bolded when playing video on it) that is connected via DVI cable to my computer, but not the other two that are connected via HDMI and DP.


2022-09-19 13:09

reporter   ~0002932

the device page issues are fixed for me with version beta 165.
after deleting the duplicates it still trigger until i installed it again.
makes no sense to me but i tested it 2 times...

please stick to HDR issues now.
if this still doesn't fix it for you go here and reopen it:
the hard bugs started with 22H2.


2022-09-19 14:46

reporter   ~0002933

Is the HDR issue only present for AMD gpus or NVIDIA also? I have AMD i HDR wont work. never had an issue b4. Windows 11 latest build and latest amd driver.

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