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0000677madVRbugpublic2022-04-09 04:27
Reporteryudixiansheng Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Summary0000677: madvr does not work on the latest NVIDIA drivers
DescriptionAfter installing the latest NVIDIA driver 496.76 on my computer, I can't use madvr, other renderers work fine. It is known that NVIDIA 496.76 driver has newly added NVIDIA Image Scaling
TagsNo tags attached.
madVR Versionlatest release v0.92.17
Media Player (with version info)MPC-HC MPC-BE
Splitter (with version info)LAV
Decoder (with version info)LAV
Deinterlacingauto mode
DXVA2 Scaling Activeno
Aero / Desktop CompositionOff
Problem occurs with modeall modes
GPU ManufacturerNVidia
GPU ModelRTX3060
GPU Driver Version496



2021-11-23 13:44

administrator   ~0002844

Last edited: 2021-11-23 13:44

Could you please be a bit more specific? What happens exactly if you try to use madVR? Does your computer explode? Do you get a blue screen of death? Does madVR crash? Do you get bad image quality?

Are you using Windows 10 or Windows 11?


2021-11-23 14:12

reporter   ~0002845

I am using WIN10 19043.1237, specifically it shows that it is opening when it is opened, then it automatically closes the player, MPC-HC and MPC-BE have tried. If you use the previous driver is able to play normally.


2021-11-23 14:29

administrator   ~0002846

Oh ok, can you try updating the official v0.92.17 build with the latest test build files from this zip?

Still same problem?


2021-11-23 15:47

reporter   ~0002847

Yes, the same problem again


2021-11-23 15:59

administrator   ~0002848

Ok, I'll try the new drivers at some point in the near future. I could be Nvidia's fault, or mine, I've no idea.


2021-11-27 06:32

reporter   ~0002849

how about the test


2021-11-28 16:59

reporter   ~0002850

HDR through the display can add a function, the brightness of the film information is not uniform, the performance in windows will be overexposed, if you can set the brightness through should be much better


2021-11-30 16:07

administrator   ~0002851

No time yet. But "soon".


2022-02-02 13:19

reporter   ~0002857

May I ask what exactly is this?
Is something like a beta update to 09217?
Does by any chance fixes the win11 problems?


2022-04-09 04:27

reporter   ~0002871

Latest NVIDIA drivers (512.15) with a 1080ti work fine for me in 19044 Windows 10 and MPC-HC (with SVP4). Maybe it's the new "Optical Flow" feature for newer cards? Mine doesn't have it (Pascal chip).

Oh, I use HW accelerated decoding normally too. I just played around with d3d11 vs cuvid in LAV (cuvid used 5-10% less CPU).

I'll mention the last few driver versions before this worked fine for me too.

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