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0000679madVRbugpublic2023-09-08 08:36
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Status newResolutionopen 
OSWindows 11OS Version22000.348 
Summary0000679: MadVR crop black bars not cropping detected black bars
DescriptionZoom black bars away always works just fine so the hardcoded black bars are detected but when zoom black bars away is disabled and the crop black bars setting is enabled, sometimes nothing happens.

I don't want any actual content cropped, only the hardcoded black bars, so turning zoom black bars away on and off as needed is a fine workaround but full automation would be nice.

Reproducible sometimes on PotPlayer and always on MPC-BE and a friend of mine on Win10 experiences the same problem but he can't get it working properly at all.
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madVR Version0.92.17
Media Player (with version info)PotPlayer (64-bit) v211118(1.7.21566) and MPC-BE (64-bit)
Splitter (with version info)Built-in
Decoder (with version info)Built-in
Deinterlacingauto mode
DXVA2 Scaling Activeno
Aero / Desktop CompositionOn
Problem occurs with modeall modes
GPU ManufacturerNVidia
GPU ModelGTX 980
GPU Driver Version497.09



2021-12-25 13:57

administrator   ~0002855

This is a somewhat complex topic because it's usually not the video renderer which is responsible for making zooming decisions but the media player. E.g. if you press a "zoom" key in your media player, you would expect the video renderer to obey, no? So because of this there can be a conflict because what the media player asks for and what madVR has detected and wants to do. The media player has the option to override madVR's "recommendations" for proper zooming.

My first advise would be to double check the media player settings. E.g. MPC-HC/BE have an option called "touch window from inside" which is a good default setting to use. Maybe that already helps some? I'm not as familiar with PotPlayer, so can't really say for sure which settings to use there.

When I introduced the black bar detection feature, I wrote a PDF to help media player developers to adjust to madVR's new capabilities. It's still available here:

You could of course ask your media player dev if they've read this PDF and potentially adjust the media player behaviour accordingly.

But I guess before you do that you should probably double check the madVR OSD (Ctrl+J) to see if it actually detected the black bars correctly. It's always possible that the detection failed for some reason, of course.


2023-09-08 03:19

reporter   ~0003064

I realise this is an old issue, but its a problem Ive been facing and found a solution in PotPlayer for and this is one of the results that comes up when looking for help (which i couldnt find)

In PotPlayer the built in decoder doesnt seem to want to support madVR cropping regardless of its configuration, You can get it to crop but it doesnt seem to adjust the aspect properly.
Instead I swapped out the Built-in Decoder for the LAV Video Decoder and in its configuration setting Hardware Decoder to D3D11 and picking your Hardware Device (not setting it to auto, so it enables copy-back). Or you can pick DXVA2 copy-back but believe it is worse for performance.
potplayer.png (137,117 bytes)   
potplayer.png (137,117 bytes)   


2023-09-08 08:36

administrator   ~0003065

Yep, switching to LAV Video Decoder as described is a good way around the issue. But yes, it is a bit slower.

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