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0000691eac3tobugpublic2022-08-19 12:42
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PlatformAMD HD7850OSWindowsOS Version8.1 x64
Summary0000691: Silence is added to the wrong position if the edit point is the EOF
DescriptionIf the edit point is the EOF then eac3to adds silence to the position "the EOF minus the duration of silence" instead of the EOF.
Steps To ReproduceTone.wav is the constant tone file generated in Adobe Audition: Effects - Generate... - Tones... - OK. Its length is 10 seconds.

Trying to add 22 ms of silence to the EOF:
eac3to Tone.wav Tone4.wav -edit=0:00:10.000,22ms -silence
Silence is added to the position 0:00:09.978 instead of 0:00:10.000 (see Tone4.jpg).

To get what we want we should use:
eac3to Tone.wav Tone6.wav -edit=0:00:10.022,22ms -silence
See Tone6.jpg.
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eac3to Version3.36



2022-08-19 10:57


Tone4.jpg (323,497 bytes)
Tone6.jpg (387,795 bytes)


2022-08-19 10:59

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2022-08-19 11:00

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Tone.wav again.


2022-08-19 11:04

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For some unknow reason Tone,wav, as well as Tone.wav.7z, can't be being attached here.

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