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0000700madVRbugpublic2023-03-08 04:06
ReporterWolfi Assigned To 
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OSWin7OS VersionSP1 
Summary0000700: HDR Passthrough Broken in Win7 and RTX3060Ti
DescriptionI buyed a RTX3060Ti, and it works fine under Win7, but one big dealbreaker.
HDR passthrough in MadVR works wrong.
It still activate HDR Mode on my LG Oled TV, but it activate also a very bad HDR to SDR transformation.
This behaviour visible on all, video, desktop, fullscreen and FSE mode, with aero and without.
I lost the real HDR brightness...

Probably NVidia driver problem, but maybe any solution exists for it, example a registry entry or other tweak can change this behaviour.
I read Win10/11 have similiar behavior in some cases, but with windows HDR switch (Win7 not have it)
Maybe NVidia driver check this windows HDR switch, and it is any registry value for it, and maybe set fake value in Win7 for bypass the wrong behaviour?

I have test all NVidia Drivers from 466.47 (First LHR 3060Ti Driver) to 473.04.
Later drivers not work for install, setup not loading, and manual install also not working.
I not know why, for test i installed on second SSD a new Win7 including all updates, but same problem.
But probably with latest NVidia drivers same HDR problem.
And older drivers before LHR cards not working on my RTX3060Ti LHR card (Including inf modification)

With GTX980Ti and same driver versions i used before, are no problems.
I found in internet only one another guy with same problem 2 yeara ago, he have also RTX 30XX, and with GTX10XX are no problem.
I not sure it is a generally driver problem.
Very interessting question also, the RTX20XX have same problem ?

Sorry for my english.
TagsNo tags attached.
madVR Version0.92.17
Media Player (with version info)MPC-HC 1.9.10 and 2.0.0
Splitter (with version info)Lav
Decoder (with version info)Lav
DXVA2 Scaling Active<select>
Aero / Desktop Composition<select>
Problem occurs with modeall modes
GPU ManufacturerNVidia
GPU ModelRTX 3060 Ti
GPU Driver VersionAll from 466.47 (First LHR 3060Ti Driver) to 473.04



2023-02-10 23:06

administrator   ~0002994

Did you disable the OS HDR switch? If Windows 7 even has such a switch, I can't be sure. Maybe it was introduced in newer OSs. In any case, I don't really know what to do. I'm telling the Nvidia driver that I'm rendering HDR and Nvidia isn't supposed to do anything other than settings the "HDR Flag" so the display switches to HDR.

Anyway, why do you want to use "passthrough"? Most people consider madVR's internal tone mapping to be superior, and the 3060 Ti should be fast enough to run it. So why not using it?


2023-02-11 14:50

reporter   ~0002995

pretty much every TV looses brightness in SDR mode even when you pump it.
you need to change the max brightness of the device every time you watch an HDR file this alone is enough reason to give up.
you have to deal with bt 2020 not everyone has an nvidia card so this needs interaction too.
pretty much all TVs dim the image madVR has no clue about that but the TV has so it can compensate for the brightness loss by tone mapping accordingly.

an S95B OLED does less than 500 nits in SDR mode and easily 1000 in HDR.


2023-02-11 14:57

administrator   ~0002996

With newer LG OLEDs, there's an option to force full brightness in SDR mode. Not sure about other brands, though.


2023-02-11 15:50

reporter   ~0002997

having an desktop with 1000 nits in gamma light wouldn't be much fun anyway.
and i'm pretty sure this is about the services menu. disabling the ABL completely is not a good idea sadly because that's what kills them excessive SDR brightness.


2023-02-11 18:00

reporter   ~0002998

Very Thanks for reply.
Win7 not have any HDR switch and functions, thats the problem.
The MadVR HDR switch works, and the signal informatinos in LGs hidden extented secrets info menues are the same on GTX980Ti and RTX3060Ti
But with GTX980Ti it switchs only in HDR BT2020 modus, and the BT2020 HDR Picture are correctly.
With RTX3060Ti and same driver it switch also in HDR BT2020 but makes also a bad SDR Transformation. (probably the nvidia driver)

Of Course i use the MadVR Passthrough for looking 4K bluray HDR mastered movies with 800nits peak on oled tv.
The HDR switch is not only need for full HDR brightness on TV, it is also need for correctly BT2020 colours.
It is the only reason use MadVR for me.
He is the only other i found with probably same problem, and he have the problem also in games (this i not testet)

It will be very nice Madshi can report this heavy bug to nvidia.
It is complete senseless make HDR to SDR tranformation in Win7 with no way for disabling.

For me the RTX3060Ti have no future if he kill the BT2020 HDR feature in win7.

In Win10/11 the HDR switch is stored in the registry ?
Maybe the nvidia driver read in Win10/11 windows HDR settings, and try read this entrys also in win7 ?
For me the nvidia driver have only wrong behaviour.
Anybody know the HDR regitry path in win10/11 ? (if he exists)


2023-02-11 18:11

administrator   ~0002999

Unfortunately, Nvidia has stopped officially supporting Windows 7 and 8 more than a year ago, see here:

So I don't think there's much hope to get it fixed. You may have to switch to Windows 10 or 11.


2023-02-11 18:27

reporter   ~0003000

Switch to new windows is absolutely no way in my case.
If i can not resolve, i will stand with GTX980Ti or buy a GTX 10XX or RTX20XX. (But this is a bad solution, because i wanted and waited for RTX 30XX with HDMI2.1 for have 4K 120hz RGB on HDMI)
In this case it is very interessting for me, people with RTX20XX and win7, hdr is working ?

Yes, low hope for nvidia fix it.
You try report it to nvidia ?


2023-02-11 20:04

administrator   ~0003001

There's no hope in reporting it to Nvidia from my side.


2023-02-11 22:57

reporter   ~0003002

yes, but why not try.


2023-03-08 04:06

reporter   ~0003005

If anybody find in future (10 years) a solution or usefull information, i am very thankfull it post it here.
I have notification on, and become email if new post here.

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