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Summary0000701: Option to give error if eac3to needs to convert tracks
DescriptionWhen selecting which tracks to extract, I would like to be able to demux transparently with no format conversion. The destfiles must contain a filetype suffix up front to generate the same format as the source.

Today I'm parsing the playlist track listing output and have a look-up table to determine the appropriate file ending for each listed file type (which has been empirically deduced). E.g. if the text "E-AC3" is printed, the ".eac3" suffix is used to output this format. While this approach works, it is tedious and error prone to parse the track list output to guess the appropriate output format.

Proposal: A new `-noconvert` option which will return error if any of the output tracks are format converted. If this option is used and the option `1: audio.ac3` is used and the track is E-AC3 it will fail. It allows a verification that the above filename scheme is wrong.

Alternate proposal 1) When `-demux` is used, it will support specification of the tracks to extract, and the destfiles can be without suffix and thus the demux will propose the transparent format. `eac3to.exe D:\ '1)' 1: vid 3: aud -demux` that result in vid.h264 and
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2023-03-01 14:43

administrator   ~0003004

Your wish makes sense, but at the moment I have nearly zero time available for eac3to development, so I'm currently really only looking at bugs, if at all, unfortunately.

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