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0000702eac3tobugpublic2023-03-01 14:42
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PlatformWindowsOSWin10OS Version22H2
Summary0000702: Tracks with delay in filename is not listed in log output
DescriptionA BD playlist with tracks containing delays, eac3to might create filenames containing additional text on some track. E,g, option `5:` might result in the file `05 DELAY`. The log output, however only contains the text 'a05 Creating file ""'. The expected output in the log is the text 'a05 Creating file "05 DELAY"'.
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eac3to Version3.36



2023-03-01 14:42

administrator   ~0003003

From what I recall (but I could be wrong), the DELAY info is added in the last second, as a file rename operation. That's probably why it's not in the log.

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