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0000618madVRbugpublic2019-09-02 17:40
ReporterParadiseDS Assigned To 
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Platformasus laptop intel+nv graphicsOSwindows 10OS Version10.0.17134
Summary0000618: Enter Fullscreen exclusive mode is lagging after window update
DescriptionWindows 10 has installed its update yesterday, and i found that it took 5s or so to enter full screen exclusive mode, during which the video seemed to freeze while the audio is playbacked normally. In the OSD version toggled by ctrl+j the rendering and present time increased by 3-4 times in the first 5s when switching to the fullscreen exclusive mode. No such lagging is seen before the windows update is installed.

If i turn off "enable automatic fullscreen exclusive mode" in general settings, windowed mode is used in fullscreen and no more lagging, with rendering/present time increased by 2 times.

I've tried on mpc-hc/mpc-be with different video source (avc/hevc/8bit/10bit/FHD/HD/SD), the lagging is always happening when fse mode is entered.
Steps To Reproduce1. check 'automatic fullscreen exclusive mode' in madvr general settings.
2. open source file, and enter fullscreen mode so fse is automatically on.
3. image is freezing for about 5s, but audio is normally playbacked.
4. everything goes fine after 5s, and some frames are dropped to sync.
Additional InformationSince this case is happened after windows update, and no more changes has been made, it is likely that the system is to blame for the lagging. I've found some issues that seems to be related, but no clear way other than turning off fullscreen exclusive mode can be found. If i turned off fse mode, the rendering time increasing (performance downgrade) would prevent me from playing quite a lot files with madvr.

Issues seem to be related:

madvr debug log is also appened, within which only following is done
open file-enter fullscreen exclusive mode-recover after 5s-shudown player
TagsNo tags attached.
madVR Versionv0.92.17
Media Player (with version info)mpc-hc 1.7.13 (e37826845)
Splitter (with version info)LAV Splitter:
Decoder (with version info)LAV Video:
Deinterlacingnone (progressive)
DXVA2 Scaling Activeno
Aero / Desktop CompositionOff
Problem occurs with modefullscreen exclusive mode
GPU ManufacturerNVidia + Intel
GPU ModelIntel(R) HD Graphics 3000 + Nvidia GT540M, intel is active in playback
GPU Driver Version9.17.10.4459/Geforce 388.57 WHQL



2019-08-31 06:47


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2019-08-31 09:25

administrator   ~0002545

I assume you already tried rebooting the PC?

I keep recommending users to stick to Windows 8.1 because frankly, Windows 10 sucks. But nobody listens to me.


2019-08-31 10:22

reporter   ~0002546

Last edited: 2019-08-31 10:30

Yes i've rebooted the pc several times since the update is done, and tried some tricks to remove the lagging, but none of them works.

I agree that windows 10 sucks, AFAIK it has messed up many things and the force reboot update is annoying. Actually the fse mode was affected even more by several windows update installed since last year, during which fse mode performance downgraded a lot, even went black screen in some cases, so i just rolled back those update to recover at that time. This time the effect is not as bad as in the past, so i was wonder if a rollback should be done, as some bugs and vulnerabilities may also be fixed in the update and a rollback would miss them all.

I have nerver tried 8.1, upgrade to 10 from 7 straightly. I will consider if it is a feasible solution if 8.1 support won't be discontinued by MS.


2019-08-31 10:34

administrator   ~0002547

I've tried telling Microsoft that FSE mode is needed and helpful, but they don't listen to outside advise. So they replaced it with some simulated FSE mode which isn't really FSE, anymore, AFAIK. I've talked to many different people at Microsoft, but it didn't help.

IMHO Microsoft has no clue about what is needed for high quality video playback. And they refuse to listen to anybody. They believe they know better.

Same with their HDR implementation. It's extremely bad. But they either don't care, or they don't know how to do it right. Or maybe both.

FWIW, some MS people were actually helpful, so it's not all bad. E.g. I managed to get a bug fix squeezed in for win10 which allows proper switching to 59.940 vs 60.000, and for 23.976 vs 24.000. That was actually broken in both win8 and win10, and they finally fixed it for win10, but not for win8. <sigh>


2019-08-31 11:04

reporter   ~0002548

Bad to hear that, and sadly those things might be inevitable in such a big system in such a company. HQ video playback part is just not lucky enough, and currently we don't have enough voice to save it.

So it seems if MS do not reconsider it, no perfect solution can be found. Good and bad update are mixed and one is forced to choose to accept or miss them all.


2019-08-31 11:10

administrator   ~0002549

Well, I guess the good news is that windowed mode is improved, e.g. fullscreen windowed mode supports 10bit output, which wasn't possible in win8. However, I do miss the added performance and reliablity of FSE mode.


2019-08-31 11:31

reporter   ~0002550

The performace added by FSE is critical for my old pc, sadly.
Maybe it's time for me to buy a better graphics card so the high quality playback can be done in windowed mode smoothly, after all upgrading a pc aged 8 years is quite reasonable.
Thanks for your time and work, madVR is a genius masterpiece.


2019-08-31 11:37

administrator   ~0002551

Well, I guess you can keep using the old PC if you're willing to compromise on the OS, e.g. install win8, or keep using an older win10 build.

Of course upgrading the GPU is always helpful... :-) I'd suggest a 2060 Super, if you can afford it.


2019-08-31 11:47

reporter   ~0002552

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll consider them :-)


2019-09-02 17:40

reporter   ~0002553

Windows is to blame
possiblesolution: rollback or windowed with a better graphic card

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